Question: What’s your Favorite Breed of Chickens?

What is your favorite chicken breed?

What are the special or unique characteristics of that breed that make it your favorite?

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39 Responses to Question: What’s your Favorite Breed of Chickens?

  1. DBR Showbirds farms says:

    Our favorite breed would have to be Silkie! They have that fluffy warm plumage that just makes you want to hug them, and never let go! My favorite variety would have to be Splash! Se enjoy are silkies every day! GO SILKIES!!!

  2. chelsi says:

    WOW, I have had a lot of different breeds, but i can really bond the most with my Old English chickens. I have a hen named Opal that flies on my shoulder every time I go in the pen :). I love Sumatras too, but every different chicken is special in its own way, and I love them all sooooo much :D. Another very beautiful type is the Frizzled chickens – I have 2 of them. I love all my chickens :) :) :)

  3. Ron Fercken says:

    I have no chickens now, but I had a few Rhode Island Reds once. They were very good layers. I obtained 2 turkey eggs from my nephew in NC who had a large coop of chickens and turkeys. We hatched the turkey eggs and got a Tom and a Hen. They all roamed ‘free’ in the Smoky Mountain area where we lived, and got along very well together. Amazingly, one Rhode Island Red hen constantly looked after the turkeys, keeping them out of trouble. I guess you would call it “Mother-Henning”! One hazard was a Husky dog kennel abutting our area. The hen would routinely’ herd’ the turkeys away from the kennel fence , keeping them from putting their heads through the fence for choice doggie leftovers. Sadly one day, my son accidentally shut the hen up in the car and unbeknownst to us, the poor thing died of a heat stroke. It was sad, because she was not only a good layer and a turkey guard-chicken, but she was also a good, sweet pet. Soon after she died, I found both turkeys lying dead outside the Husky pen with their heads bitten off. I really enjoyed watching that chicken, and she is missed! It’s not all about food.

  4. emmi carter says:

    I like Silkies the best ’cause they are so fluffy. I have 3 of my own. I have a rooster named Bucky, a hen named Joycie, and another hen named Buffy. All the rest are mix and matches. I have nineteen in all. They are all good layers except the 2 Silky hens. They don’t lay at all. It’s sad. I want a Silky egg. I am only 10 yrs. old, but that doesn’t stop me from having the animals I love.

  5. emmi carter says:

    My favorite breed of chicken is the Silky. They are just so cute.

  6. Rosemary says:

    I love all the chickens , but our “Buff” is just special. She just loves to follow me around and do chores. She and the kitten “Emily” that thinks she is a chicken are just delightful. Our Americana rooster, though, is the most beautiful of all. “Timmy” is just spectacular to look at with his ‘coat’ of many colors. Didn’t think I would love them so much!

  7. Linda says:

    My favorite layers are the Rhode Island Reds. They are quiet, beautiful and lay great eggs. My black Australorps are also great hens. Quiet, calm, great foragers. I also love my banties. The Silver Sebrights and the Golden Sebrights
    are the action in the chicken pen. Roosters are very intense, involved in all fights and peck the dogs on the head, while strutting around in their colors. The hens are quiet. Their feathers are perfect.

  8. Cheryl says:

    My favorite was a white faced Spanish, Chika, she had personality. My pair of Blue-lace red Wyandottes are my prettyist. Also are the pair of golden-penciled Hamburg that have evaded all predators with their great flying ability. I got the rarest of the rare chick collection, so I have 10 breeds. My least favorite is the white laced red cornish — bullies the other chickens. Have two of those, any takers? Cochins are docile and relaxed. My White Langshan is also a very handsome boy. Death to all weasels! (Especially the one that got Chika.)

  9. DEborah says:

    I love the colored eggs of the Auracanas, and mine started laying at 4 1/2 months old. However, the Blue-laced Wyandottes are beautiful.The rooster is definitely all business. They are not prolific layers, but I love to watch them.

  10. Pat says:

    This is my first experience with raising chickens, and I have to say it’s been an incredible education. I love my Barred Rocks – they’re such curious, social, and intelligent birds. I’ve never had so much fun, and the morning “rush to the bug field” under our utility light pole is the highlight of my day. I laugh until my eyes water.

  11. J.J. Lewis says:

    I must say my favorite Banty is the Mille Fleur (1,000 flowers), beautiful, gentle & sweet little birds, the Silver-Penciled Hamburg is GREAT! but you can’t beat the Black Australorps and Barred Rock for steady egg laying and they too are so gentle, fun to watch!

  12. Jan Joyner says:

    My favorite breed ever since I discovered this breed, is the French Marans. I love that there are so many different colors, never a dull moment, they are gentle and I love their eggs. I loved that this was the favorite breed of James Bond. They withstand the Texas heat and hustle outside eating all the grasshoppers they can find! A truly beautiful colorful bird with lots of character!

  13. Robert Clayton says:

    I have to say all my ‘girls’ are fun to be around and of course sitting for an hour or two lost in the games they play is quite relaxing. But my special bay is the Blue Andulusian we have. She always greets me and alerts everyone else if she sees me with the treat bucket. Tried to fool her a few times but she knows when the treats are coming. They have a loyalty better than that of my labrador. Should have bought chickens first.

  14. Laur says:

    My favorite has to be my Buff Orpington Henry, he is definitely different from the rest of the flock, great with kids and just an all around sweetheart. 2nd favorite would have to be the black Jersey Giant. Our rooster protects the flock and his hens. He is very “all business.”

  15. Pam says:

    Last year I got Buff Orps, RIR’s, and a couple Light Brahmas and the Buffs quickly became my buddies, sitting on me and even jumping up on my shoulder like a parrot when I went out to care for them. This spring we ordered a batch of several different breeds (Giants, Leghorns, Partridge Rock and Cochin, Minorcas, Brahmas, Silver Lace, etc) and they are becoming the most beautiful and healthy chickens, the envy of all my family, however, there are a few that have really won my heart. I have two red star that are the first to greet me and clearly would rather be with me than the other girls. One of them honks like a goose and coos at me while it follows me around. The other one is a Black Australorp named ‘Betty’ and I would love to bring her in the house and raise her because she is so gentle and attentive to me. I love all my girls and it is funny to see the transformation when you start raising chickens. I jokingly compare it to eating potato chips….you can’t just have one, and now I have 61 chickens with a few Light Brahma and Buff Brahma roosters thrown into the mix and plotting next spring for the next addition to our ever-growing family. Poor hubby just keeps building coops but doesn’t say much….bless his heart. I thought puppy kisses healed the heart but a stampede of chickens when you open the coop makes me laugh every single morning!

    • Annie Corbin says:

      I understand exactly what you are saying about the change chickens can make in a person. My hen house is where I go to settle my mind. To sit and listen to them talking to each other…the sounds they make mean different things to them and it’s fun to watch them interact. The morning run out of the coop door is like a herd of elephants! Yes, it makes me laugh too.

    • Daniela Barker says:

      Haha. I have to agree. Chickens jumping out as fast as they can land all over like Gazelles on Ice. It is soo funny.

  16. Harold says:

    My Rhode Island Red rooster was a character, and the ‘Red’ hens were always good layers. I also favor Dominiques and Buff Orpingtons.. Each breed, each chicken has a different personality… The smaller the flock the more noticeable the individual differences..

  17. DANA says:

    I love my Araucana (rumpless, blue eggers) since they are more of a challenge to hatch. When I hatch “normal” chicks, I hatch way too many. These little birds are a tad bit smarter than a “normal” chicken. They act closer to the “wild” side.

  18. Joan says:

    We have a mixed breed flock and they all have their own personalities, which is fun. There are 2 that stand out –The friendliest is a Russian Orloff hen that is always first out of the coop, loves people and likes to be hand fed and fussed over. The other is a Cream Brabanter hen–she is the smallest of the hens in the flock, but big in character with her top knot feathers and perky personality. This flock is only four months old so don’t know about the laying ability yet. Chicken can be great entertainment when you have a quiet minute to just stop and watch them!

  19. Steve R says:

    Delawares always seem to be the “friendliest” also great “fryers” at younger age, they are also pretty good layers if taken care of/ quiet, good meat bird after laying months are over. If you want the eggs to come in greater numbers Leghorns, Red, Black Stars can not be beat. The Leghorns are much more apt to spook, but if you are quiet and slow moving Leghorns can become quite friendly, but not much in the way of meat /stew hen when laying slows. To be quite honest ALL chickens are unique in their own way! Chickens do very well here in the islands of Puget Sound….not too Hot or too Cold!

  20. Carmel Portillo says:

    I don’t really have a favorite breed. I have come to love all my chickens regardless of their breed. Each one has something unique to offer. I have a favorite individual chicken – he was the only survivor of our first attempt at hatching our own. He is a cross between a buff orpington rooster and a red star hen (both parents were from our first McMurray order last year). He’s red like his mom and big like his dad and spoiled rotten. Sometimes I think he thinks he’s a parrot or something, becuase he loves to perch on my shoulder and have me walk around with him.

  21. Jasper says:

    I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with chickens yet as I have only had them for about a year, but in my opinion, White Leghorns are the best layers I’ve had closely followed by my Easter Eggers (Americauna) and Red Stars. The most friendly ones have been the Barred Rocks and E. E.’s. The will even go so far as to jump up and get celery or alfalfa out of my hand if I let them! But…. in my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad chicken, just a critical owner.

  22. Greg says:

    My favorite in the past were Silver Spangled Hamburgs, great foragers, slept in the trees at night! Avoided the hawks that devestated my son’s pidgeons. Didn’t loose one.

  23. cora says:

    I love my Turken rooster. He sings, protects, and loves all his varieties of hens. I have had several different roosters, and now I do not want any other kind. I love my chickens.

  24. Doris says:

    Our Barred Rocks seem to be the most hardy. They have survived attacks from opossums, coyotes and raccoons. They are dependable layers of brown eggs even in our cold winters. They are nice birds. I like the Black Australorps too. Their feathers are so soft.

  25. Stacey says:

    My favorites are the Barred Rock and the Light Brahma. I’ve gotten numerous double yolks from the barred rocks and they are great with my kids. The Light Brahmas are sweet birds. For as big as they are, they are very gentle and the hen that is setting right now, has taken in 3 baby guineas. We also have 3 Americanas and the boys love them and their colored eggs!

  26. pauline says:

    That’s like picking your favorite child.
    I enjoy all 20 different breeds in my yard. They all come running up to greet me, it’s easy to see who is missing, and it seems each has a special place in my heart and yard. The comical look of the Golden Polish, motherly blue Cochin, cuddly Buff Orpington, and the many others who form the “rainbow chicken group” in our back yard.

  27. Daniela Barker says:

    I would say “White Leghorns” are the best egg layers. Though they only lay white, but if you let them free-range and feed well, they will have top quality eggs. Also, “Rhode Island Reds” are the second best.

  28. steve nicklas says:

    Without hesitation my favorite breed is the “RED STAR”. They are gentle, quiet birds that lay tremendously well, starting at an early age. The brown eggs are great and many right through hot and cold weather. I can’t say enough for this breed!

    • Susan says:

      I am with Steve N. on the RED STARS. I have a mixed flock and I love em all but my little Red Star is my favorite. She was the smallest chick in my first batch from McMurray’s. She got hurt by one of the other chicks and I had to doctor her back. She was a noisy little thing though. Loudest of all the chicks, hurt my eardrums. She started laying first, lays double yolks, and is friendly as any of them. She is still the smallest chicken I have. I sit in a chair in my backyard and watch my chickens for relaxation too.

  29. Jon Ferris says:

    We have a mixed flock of assorted Bantams, Cochins, Frizzles and Rhode Island Reds. The Rhode Island Reds give us the best eggs for our meals but out Silkies are the best Momma hens. They will sit on any egg and raise any chick.

  30. ringo starr hill says:

    I love my Araucana rumpless tufts. Blue eggs. They lay year round. It never gets too cold for them, and they are very sweet and docile. #2 are my Crevecoeurs with their crest and beard. They are very sweet and docile. White eggs.

  31. Kiko says:

    My Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps are by far the sweetest and most docile…and they’re beautiful!! They were quick to be at the top of my favorites list. But I’m beginning to really see the personalities and curiosity in my Rhode Island Reds, and they are a very close second!

  32. chrissy says:

    I’d love to hear some good suggestions for brown layers.

    • Stacey says:

      Chrissy….I’ve gotten numerous double yolks in brown eggs from my Barred Rocks. They are great….nice and gentle and great with my kids.

    • Bob says:

      I have raised chickens for many years and I would recommend White Wyandotes. They are a very calm breed and are multipurpose. Good layers of brown eggs in the winter, like advertised. They are also good setters of eggs.
      As of now I sell eggs that are mixed in the carton of “blue” , “white”, and “brown”, all coming from (3) breeds (white wyandottes, araucanas, leghorns). People get a kick out of the mixes of colors in their egg cartons.
      My flock is “free range” like about everything around here, and I love it. I read that someone goes to his or her coop and sometimes just sits on a bucket to watch chickens and just relax. Have to admit that I do that myself. It is different, but I do exactly the same thing.

      North Dakota

  33. Hervin says:

    My favorite breed is Delawares. They are sweet, friendly, affectionate and they are also very prolific layers when conditions are right. I also think they are very beautiful birds as well.

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