Television Appearance Opportunity for a Duck Farm

Lynn Crawford

Do you have a duck farm? Would you like your duck farm to be featured on Food Network Canada TV with Chef Lynn Crawford?

Ben Sulzenko at Food Network Canada TV recently contacted us and asked us to help him by posting the request below.

A Food Network Canada TV Show is looking for a duck farm to star in an upcoming episode of their hit series Pitchin’ In! The show follows Chef Lynn Crawford (the former executive chef of the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC) as she roams North America looking for the best ingredients certain areas have to offer. Once the duck farm has been found,  Chef Lynn volunteers her services to help produce the product. All of this culminates in her cooking a meal for her hosts that aims to showcase the product and to say thank you for the experience. The show emphasizes best production practices and aims to showcase the people who work so hard to produce great food. If interested, please contact Ben Sulzenko by email at

For more information on the Pitchin’ In show, visit:

Pitchin’ In at

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5 Responses to Television Appearance Opportunity for a Duck Farm

  1. Hannah Chestnut says:

    We have Swedish, Call ducks and Muscovy ducks. They are quite young yet, My dad loves duck eggs…Chestnutier Farm…
    We also have Geese , Guineas , Peacocks , Turkeys and a large assortment of chickens.

  2. Mrs. Foster says:

    MUSCOVY DUCKS!!! Best THING going for TASTE! Please do NOT leave them out of the “Duck show”, you will be doing all sorts of good by including them. =-)

  3. Scott Coleman says:

    We still have 12 runner ducks remaining. The idea was to purchase 16 then eat all the males and a couple females until we reached the level of 6 to 8 egg laying females. Two males made it to the grill this last Saturday. I would not call us a “farm”, but we have ducks to eat, and longhorn cattle, and a beautiful slice of heaven on earth.

  4. valerie says:

    I have 2 ducks and about 20 chickens. I love them all and love to watch them run around my yard in the day. But i think Puddles and Quackers are my favorite.

  5. Sophie Tsai says:

    Hi! I only have 1 mallard girl duckie, but we are having a great time caring for her! See my blog (given in website link above). Sorry we don’t have a farm! (^_^)

    Sophie from California!

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