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Responsibility by Hunter Kemper

RESPONSIBILITY by Hunter Kemper For the past several years, I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the Exercise Your Character Event in Des Moines, IA, organized by Hy-Vee Inc. This is an event I look forward to every … Continue reading

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Chickens – A lot like my Kids by Hunter Kemper

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Summer on “the farm.” I’ve been a chicken owner since the end of January and it has been a fun adventure. We’ve gotten to watch our baby chicks grow into pullets that lay … Continue reading

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PolyFace Farms Field Day

Late last year I received an invitation from Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms to exhibit at their Field Day.  The Field Day I would learn consisted of Joel and his team opening up his farm to approximately 1,800 interested current … Continue reading

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Pheasants Update – Wings of Flight

We went out of town for a couple of days so I had a relative care for my various flocks.  All was going well until the one day I checked in with him.  “Well, everything is good except you had … Continue reading

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A new chirping – Pheasants

As I walked slowly through the cut corn and brush, our detectives worked furiously to find our deceptive prey.   The harder the detectives sniffed for clues and ran furiously around the landscape the more intently I focused on the cover … Continue reading

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2014 School’s Out Photo Contest Winners

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Chicks of the Trade (show)

I like trade shows.  Trade shows offer you a place to see, feel, smell and experience new products, new ideas and allow you to meet many new people.  Granted, some people would ask, “Why do you need a tradeshow when … Continue reading

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Bad, Bad Mr. Fox

I remember my mother reading me many stories when I was little.  In a lot of the stories that included a fox, the fox is the bad guy.  The fox has been included in many stories, cultures, songs and more … Continue reading

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2014 Easter Photo Contest Winners


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Why Easter Eggs by Hunter Kemper

Since we are now the proud owners of chickens, I did a little investigating into the significance of “the egg” this Easter celebration.  When did eggs first become associated with Easter?  The egg is an ancient symbol of new life … Continue reading

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