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Raising Chickens for Our Home Flock, Day 1

The arrival of the baby chicks at the post office. Basic chick care for the first day.
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Don’t Let Your Chickens Run Out of Water

Your chickens need to always have access to plenty of clean, fresh drinking water.  This is especially important in hot weather when their need for water increases significantly. Problems Caused by Lack of Water

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Using Electric Poultry Netting

One of my favorite tools for containing chickens and ducks is electric poultry netting.  This type of fencing goes by several names, such as “electric poultry fence,” “electroplastic netting”, or “electric mesh netting”.

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9 Things to Investigate if Your Hens Aren’t Laying Well

Here is a list of things that affect how well your hens lay eggs, along with suggestions for what you can do to ensure that they lay their best. 1. Lighting Now that Spring is approaching, and the days are … Continue reading

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7 Reasons To Raise Chickens

There are many good reasons to raise chickens: 1. Fresh Eggs There simply aren’t any eggs fresher than those that you can get if you raise your own chickens. 2. High Quality Eggs and Meat When you raise your own … Continue reading

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7 Myths about Urban Chickens, Myths 4 – 7

by Patricia Foreman [This article is part of a series, to read the entire series, visit: 7 Myths about Urban Chickens.] Myth 4. Chickens Attract Predators, Pests & Rodents. Fact: Predators and rodents are already living in urban areas. Wild … Continue reading

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7 Myths About Urban Chickens, Myths 2 and 3

by Patricia Foreman [This is the second in a series of articles.  To see the first article in this series, visit 7 Myths About Urban Chickens.] Myth 2. Chickens are too Noisy. Fact: laying hens — at their loudest — … Continue reading

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7 Myths About Urban Chickens

by Patricia Foreman The local foods movement is not only gaining ground, it is here to stay; and that includes family flocks of chickens. Chickens are the mascots of local foods because of the many talents and skill sets they … Continue reading

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Favorite Poultry Articles of 2010

How to Keep Your Chickens Safe, Part 1 and Part 2 by Bud Wood, McMurray Hatchery president.  These posts give some important and useful tips and ideas on how to protect your chickens from predators. The Self-Perpetuating Flock – an … Continue reading

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Which Freezes Faster, Warm Water or Cold?

Several people who read our recent article, Keeping the Chicken Water from Freezing, brought up the question:  “which type of water freezes faster, warm (or hot) water, or cold?”

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