Juvenile Peafowl

We have several different types of peafowl currently available as juvenile birds. Ages vary so visit each link to read the descriptions on our website for more information.

Juvenile Assorted Peafowl – This is an assortment of peafowl from our 2011 hatch, straight run. The package may include India Blue, Bronze, Spalding, Split Charcoal, Black Shoulder, or Split Pied.

Juvenile White Peafowl – These peafowl are white throughout.  The tails are very lacy looking. They are straight run.

Breeder Java Green Peafowl – These are vividly colored peafowl.  They are 3-4 year old breeders (male/female pairs).

The peafowl are available first-come first-serve for delivery the week of Oct. 17, 2011. Visit the links above for further details.