Juvenile Pheasants

Pheasants are beautiful birds, many having spectacular coloring.  We have a number of different types currently available as juvenile birds.  Some are from the Spring 2010 hatch, but ages vary so visit each link to our website for more information.

  • Silver PheasantsSilver PheasantThese have throats and under parts that are a glossy bluish-black.  The upper parts of the pheasants are white with black lines.  Females are mostly plain olive and brown, peppered with black.
  • Impeyan Pheasants – These are very beautiful, particularly the males, which have an iridescent coloring on their wings and neck.  It has a mix of colors: green, purple, red, and blue.
  • Blue Eared Pheasants – The males and females of these pheasants are similar in appearance.  They have a black crown, bright red wattles, reddish legs, and white ear tufts that continue under the chin.  The males are usually larger than the females and have large round spurs.  These pheasants are very cold hardy.
  • Red Golden PheasantsRed Golden PheasantsThe male pheasants have beautiful red and gold plumage. Females are rusty red with finely barred black feathers.  We also have 18 month old Red Golden pheasants in full color.
  • Reeves PheasantsReeves PheasantsThis pheasant  has a unique and interesting color pattern, as can be seen from the photo.
  • Yellow Golden Pheasants – Males have a beautiful yellow and gold plumage, from which this pheasant gets its name. Females are rusty red with finely barred black feathers.
  • Lady Amherst PheasantsLady Amherst Pheasantsthis variety is native to the rocky hillsides and bamboo groves of central and western China, extending slightly into Tibet and Burma.

Visit the links above for further details.

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