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4 Responses to Subscribe

  1. aya says:

    i have a year old Australorp hen that hasn’t layed an egg in 3 days why do you think she would stop laying

  2. Hanh Nguyen says:

    I bought 25 Rhode Island Red female chics from McMurray in June 30th-2011. After 6 month they lay eggs and continuing until this day! I wonder how long in their life time they giving eggs… one year or two years.. Just wonder! Although they’re 25 that doesn’t mean we have 25 eggs a day, but 20, sometimes 17, 16 every single day! we also noticed that the chics sometimes they ate their own eggs!! How can we prevent from this? Any suggestion?

  3. My grandpa wants some little banny chicks. How many roosters and hens can you get in a little thing of them ??

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