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Which Chicken Breeds Do You Recommend for Warm Climates?

A recent question from one of our blog readers was: I live in the Deep South and I am wondering which breed of chickens would best tolerate the heat and humidity? I am looking for layers, that produce well year … Continue reading

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Buff Orpingtons

History The original Orpington, a Black Orpington, was developed by William Cook, from the village of Orpington, County of Kent, England in the 1880s. In 1886 he introduced the Black Orpington at the Chrystal Palace Poultry Show, and his pullet … Continue reading

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Pearl White Leghorns

The White Leghorn originated in Tuscany, Italy (see map below) and is considered a Mediterranean breed. White Leghorns were brought to America in 1853 by ship.  Mr. W. Simpson, of West Farms, New York (now a part of New York … Continue reading

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