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Taking Care of Your Flock in the Winter by Kim

You have invested a lot of time raising your chickens and by now they could be producing fresh eggs for you every day. With the winter season, you need to make a few special arrangements to ensure your hens continue … Continue reading

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The Cold Hard Truth – Chickens in the Winter

Winter can be tough on everyone.  The bitter cold bites at your lungs while the howling wind cracks your hands.  Frozen tears cry for warmer weather while layers and layers of bundling limit your mobility to a stay puft marshmallow man.  … Continue reading

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4 Weeks – Bigger Chicks

It’s been approximately four weeks since we got our baby chicks and the change they have gone through has been quite interesting to watch.  I never realized how interesting chickens could be to watch and now I often find myself … Continue reading

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How to Care For Your Chickens Through the Winter

For tips and information about how to best care for your chickens through the winter, please see these articles on our blog: Keeping the Chicken Water from Freezing Preparing Your Laying Flock for Winter (Part 1) and Part 2 – … Continue reading

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At What Age Will My Chickens Start Laying?

Introduction The age at which your hens will begin to lay depends on their breed type.  Hybrids are the earliest birds to start laying, starting about 1 month earlier than non-hybrids. Non-hybrids, which include our rare and heritage breeds, typically … Continue reading

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How Can I Get My Hens to Lay in their Nest Boxes?

Sometimes hens lay their eggs on the floor of the coop, which can be a problem because the eggs get soiled from their manure, and the eggs are more likely to get cracked, broken, or stepped on. Hens will also … Continue reading

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How Warm Should I Keep my Baby Chicks?

When baby chicks hatch, they need additional warmth. Their body heat alone is not enough to keep them warm. Without additional heat, they can become chilled and stressed, and if it goes too long, they can become ill or die. … Continue reading

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Breaking a Hen of Broodiness

Usually, when one of our hens goes broody, we let her continue to set so that she can hatch and raise chicks.  Occasionally, though, a hen will go broody at the wrong time. Maybe we don’t have space for her … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens for Our Home Flock, Day 52

  Our chickens are about eight weeks old. Most of their adult feathers have grown in.  The chickens appear to be about one third the size that they will reach as adults. They are about the size of bantams.

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How to Introduce New Chickens into Your Flock, Questions and Answers

1. How old should the chickens be when I introduce them into the main flock?

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