How the Door Operates when Temperature is Below 20° F

McMurray’s Best Chicken Coop Door controller is equipped with a temperature sensor that does not allow the coop door to open until outside temperatures are above 20° F.  This feature protects your chickens from freezing temperatures and helps the chicken coop stay warmer. If the outdoor temperature rises above 20° F anytime that there is daylight, the door will automatically open, and it will remain open until a few minutes after sunset.

How to Disable the Temperature Sensing Feature

If you prefer your coop door to open regardless of the outside temperature, then you can disable the cold weather sensor.  Do this by installing a jumper so that it covers both pins of J7 on the Coop Door Controller’s printed circuit board (see photograph below).  With the J7 jumper installed, the Coop Door Controller will open the door at sunrise no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

Chicken Coop Door Controller

Location of Jumper J7