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7 Myths About Urban Chickens, Myths 2 and 3

by Patricia Foreman [This is the second in a series of articles.  To see the first article in this series, visit 7 Myths About Urban Chickens.] Myth 2. Chickens are too Noisy. Fact: laying hens — at their loudest — … Continue reading

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7 Myths About Urban Chickens

by Patricia Foreman The local foods movement is not only gaining ground, it is here to stay; and that includes family flocks of chickens. Chickens are the mascots of local foods because of the many talents and skill sets they … Continue reading

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History Dominiques are one of America’s oldest chicken breeds. They were originally brought here from England and were common on American farms up through the 1800s. Qualities of the Dominique If you’re looking for a sustainable breed of chicken, and … Continue reading

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