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Murray McMurray Hatchery has been featured in local and national media articles, television shows, podcasts, blogs, books, and more. From the New York Times and Washington Post, to Martha Stewart and National Geographic, the team at McMurray Hatchery has been a media resource for all things chickens for over a century.

With over 100 years of experience hatching, shipping and raising chickens and all types of poultry and fowl, Murray McMurray Hatchery offers expert advice and insights on all poultry-related topics. Schedule and interview with our team for accurate and relevant information for your article, video, podcast or other media.

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Feature Articles & National Media Coverage

McMurray Hatchery | NYT Wirecutter | The Best Chicken Coop and Accessories
The Best Chicken Coop and Accessories
Wirecutter speaks to eight experts, including Murray McMurray Hatchery, and compiled a list of everything you need to get started, from a chicken coop to first aid to the chicks themselves. — New York Times, May 2021
McMurray Hatchery | In TheNews | National Geographic | May 2018 | Year Of The Bird | Cover

America Stress-Bought All the Baby Chickens
When times are tough, people want chickens. … “People are panic-buying chickens like they did toilet paper,” said Tom Watkins, vice president of Murray McMurray Hatchery. — New York Times, March 2020

Baby Chickens Sold Out Nationwide Ahead of Easter as American Panic-Buy Feathery Friends for Comfort
Sales of baby chickens have soared across the United States in what appears to be another example of panic-buying amid the COVID-19 pandemic. — Newsweek, March 2020

Americans are Stress-Buying Chicks: Orders of Baby Chickens Double as Families Want a Steady Supply of Eggs and a New Hobby During Coronavirus Lockdown
Americans have been buying up chicks as a way to cope with egg shortages and up to 54 percent increase in prices by the dozen, along with boredom and anxiety in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. — The Daily Mail UK, March 2020

Chickenomics: When Crisis Strikes, Americans Buy Chicks
The weeks leading up to Easter are always the busiest for chicken hatcheries, but this spring, chicks are nearly impossible to find as sales spike during the COVID-19 lockdown. — Capital Press, April 2020

From the Field: McMurray Hatchery’s Tom Watkins
A digital look at those working and living in a virus world trying to keep operations going and feeding the world. — Capital Press, April 2020

What You Should Know Before Raising Backyard Chickens During Lockdown
More people are buying hens for eggs during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what to know before you decide to try it at home. — HuffPost, June 2020

McMurray Hatchery | In TheNews | National Geographic | May 2018 | Year Of The Bird | Cover
McMurray Hatchery | In TheNews | National Geographic | May 2018 | Year Of The Bird
McMurray Hatchery | In TheNews | National Geographic | May 2018 | Year Of The Bird | Barred Rock
These are the Dinosaurs That Didn’t Die
Featuring McMurray Hatchery stock, photographed at the Little Ghent Farm in New York, photographed by Robert Clark — National Geographic, May 2018

National Television & Movie Coverage

Television and film crews are no strangers to Murray McMurray Hatchery. Over years the hatchery has appeared on the Martha Stewart television show, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, Supersize Me 2 with Morgan Spurlock, and a number of online and YouTube videos. Scroll down to see some of our tv and film highlights. 

Martha Stewart: We are proud to have Martha Stewart as a long-time customer of Murray McMurray Hatchery. See below for links to Martha’s website and blog sharing her experiences with our chickens, and don’t miss the video here showing McMurray Hatchery owner, Bud Wood, delivering her chicks to her in person.

The Chicks are Growing and Thriving
11/02/2021 —

Chicks Arrive at the Farm
10/15/2021 —

New Roosts for the Chickens and New Turkeys at the Farm
8/09/2010 —

New Chicks!
8/09/2010 —

Look at All the Gorgeous Eggs My Chickens Are Laying
1/23/2008 —

Peep Peep!
9/13/2007 —

Iowa Hatchery to be Featured on National Program
9/11/2007 —

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: McMurray Hatchery’s internationally acclaimed chicken sexers were among those featured in Season 1 of the Dirty Jobs television series. 

Dirty Jobs (Season 1 Episode 7) “Chick Sexer” featuring McMurray Hatchery — Available on iTunes
Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe - McMurray Hatchery - The Chick Sexer
Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe - McMurray Hatchery - The Chick Sexer

Local & National Media Coverage

What the Flock? Suburban Chickens Rule the Roost
3/24/2017 — The College Voice

A Piece of History Comes Home
1/31/2017 — The Freeman Journal

Banker Hatches a Successful Enterprise: Murray McMurray Hatchery Celebrates a Century of Business
1/31/2017 — The Freeman Journal

Iowa Icon: Murray McMurray Hatchery
5/07/2014 — WHO TV-13

Talk of Iowa: Raising Your Own Chickens (AUDIO RECORDING)
3/26/2013 — Iowa Public Radio

The It Bird, The Return of the Back-Yard Chicken
9/28/2009 — The New Yorker

Mail-Order Chickens: USPS Ships Live Birds by the Thousands
5/25/2006 — National Geographic