Rare Breeds of Chickens

The American Livestock Breed Conservancy (ALBC) lists a number of rare chicken breeds.  We carry many of those rare breeds at McMurray Hatchery — below is a list grouped by the ALBC status for each breed.  Each listed breed contains a link to the appropriate page or pages on our website for that breed.

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5 Responses to Rare Breeds of Chickens

  1. chin says:

    Our New Hampshire Reds are so much fun we spend several hours a day petting and watching their antics. Ours are only 1 month old without health issues and are growing like weeds…. I can’t wait ’till they start laying…..

  2. Mountin Angel says:

    I have a lovely Campine hen I’d love to give to a serious breeder. She is 11 months old and laying now. How can I find someone in my Tampa area to take her?

  3. Lyn Weir Tschoepe says:

    They [Silkies] are a friendly breed!!!!!!

  4. marti riemer says:

    I must say that I love my Lakenvelder hens. They are flighty but very good girls.

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