Our Best Egg Layers

The breeds listed below are our best egg layers.  They lay large eggs, and they lay frequently and consistently.

White Egg Layers

  • Pearl White Leghorns – Excellent layers of large, white eggs. They are our most prolific layers and have an excellent feed conversion ratio.

Brown Egg Layers

  • Red Stars – Excellent layers of large, brown eggs. They also lay well in colder months. Red Stars are sex-linked, meaning that males and females can easily be distinguished at the time of hatch by their color.
  • Black Stars – Excellent layers of large, brown eggs.  Similar to the Red Stars, they are a sex-linked variety.
  • Rhode Island Reds – Excellent layers of large, brown eggs. They are dual purpose birds, well suited for meat production and egg laying.


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3 Responses to Our Best Egg Layers

  1. Katherine Snow says:

    I had Red Comets which I assume is another or the same bred as the
    sex link chicken. They were feather pickers supreme. I got rid of them and solved the problem. What about Australorps? I think they are an excellent winter chicken.

  2. Carol Cain says:

    We are moving to just north of central Ohio and have a coup already built on the property. Advice on best egg layers that can handle both cold and hot weather. I know there is electric and water to the coup, but have not really seen inside yet. I would like a mixture of breeds, they will be layers only, no meat. I would like year round production but not a ton of eggs per week. Do you have suggestions? Do I mix adults with chicks for first purchase? We will be looking to make the first purchase October of this year. Thanks

    • McMurray Hatchery says:

      We suggest breeds that are neutral in coloring, such as Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, White Rocks, and Silver Laced Wyandottes. These breeds are quite hardy and are excellent brown egg layers.

      Our minimum order for shipping day old chicks is 25. You may order a variety of breeds to reach the 25 minimum.

      You can contact us at 800-456-3280 to place your chick order.

      Thank you,
      McMurray Hatchery

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