Chicken Coop Photos and Description from Maria Beason

Chicken coop

The Chicken Mansion - Photo by Maria Beason


Congratulations to Maria Beason for winning first place in the Poultry Housing Photo Contest, with her photo of “The Chicken Mansion.” She won a $100 Murray McMurray Hatchery gift certificate.

Size and Description of the Chicken Coop

Maria’s husband, who is also a homebuilder, designed and built this impressive chicken coop. It has two floors. The bottom floor is nearly 400 square feet and is partitioned into a number or separate pens and chicken runs. The Beasons keep a number of different breeds of chickens, include bantams, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Red Stars, Black Australorps, White Rocks, and Cornish X Rocks, each within a separate pen in the large chicken house. All of Maria’s chickens were ordered from Murray McMurray Hatchery.

The Upper Floor

The upper floor contains brooders, hatching equipment, and a sink.

Upper floor of the Chicken Mansion

Winter Use

The Chicken Mansion is well insulated, and with a small electric heater, Maria can keep the temperature inside the coop at or above 50° F throughout the winter, which helps the hens to lay well during winter.

Automatic Waterers

Inside the coop, Maria uses automatic water bowls.  These together with feeders provide enough water and food for the chickens to go 3-4 days between refills.

Automatic Waterer

Other Photos of The Coop

Click any of the photos in the gallery below to see a larger view.

Other Winners in the Coop Contest

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20 Responses to Chicken Coop Photos and Description from Maria Beason

  1. Betsy Parker says:

    That’s an amazing chicken coop! I have never seen one so beautiful and big like that one that got first place, and hats off to the ones who built that chicken mansion! Bravo!!!

  2. becky says:

    This is quite honestly an amazing & beautiful chicken palace. It is both functional and neat & tidy – just the way I like things. A wonderful job by a master architect for sure. However, in all honesty, I echo the sentiments of Autumn & Diane, and Keenan. I believe reusing materials for yours and your chicken’s needs is more prudent and a better steward of our money. And my values would desire to do more for those in need rather than for the animals who, while I agree should be treated with kindness and humanely, are after all, our family’s food providers.

    • Susan says:

      If she can afford a chicken mansion then more power to her. By using new materials she is helping the economy more than by reusing materials. She is keeping the hardware people, lumber people, waterer manufacturing people etc employed when she buys new. If people would get out and spend their money so more people can be employed there wouldn’t be as many homeless children.

  3. Bob says:

    I should be so lucky to be couped up in that!
    Lovely design and brilliant setups.

  4. Patti Day says:

    Wow. This could be on the cover on a magazine like Coop Beautiful!

  5. Charlotte says:

    I would love to have this coop on my property, and love the idea of an upstairs area, for the chicks and a separate downstairs area for everything else. I’m inspired by this design and have decided to try the automatic water bowls as well for my chickens. Congratulations for creating such a nice place for your flock!

  6. Mary Ann says:

    Wow this is amazing. your girls are very lucky.

  7. Keenan says:

    Nice, but way overdone! Too many homeless children in this country for this.

  8. Bill in AL says:

    Wow, just wow! Great coop. My compliments!

  9. d hufnagel says:

    Anyone else having trouble seeing the images?

    • Matthew Pressly says:

      We had some problems Friday evening. If anyone is still having difficulty seeing the images, please let us know.

  10. Carol says:

    I won’t show that to my chickens! They would be insanely jealous and probably quit laying!

  11. Melissa Bosworth says:

    All I can say is this man must love his wife to build such a structure. My husband cheers the fox on.

  12. greenriverkate says:

    How absolutely wonderful. How I wish this were mine in my backyard.

  13. yerba santa says:

    This is my dream come true…. Could I move in with the other girls? ….cluck cluck…
    Yes, shows true chicken love ! ! ! Bravo.

  14. autumn says:

    Nice, now where is the winner of the amateur division?

    • diane says:

      I agree, it is “Nice”. It serves it’s purpose very well I’m sure. Even more impressive are the entries by amateurs. Those who repurposed materials they had on hand or scrounged around for. Thank-you to those entries that did more with less, you are inspiring!

  15. Mrs. Mary Alice Kelly says:

    The Chicken Mansion is amazing! What love they must have for their chickens.

  16. Jeffrey says:

    This is more like a Hotel not really a coop….Very nice though

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