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Winners for the Female Poultry Photo Contest

First and Second Place Michael McLaughlin won first and second place. His first place photo is of a Buff Brahma hen. Michael received a $100 gift certificate as a first place prize. His second place photo is a Silver Laced … Continue reading

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Winners for the Egg Photo Contest

We have really enjoyed seeing the amazing variety of photos in this contest. First Place Lisa Beth Steele won first place with her photo showing a pastel array of duck, Americauna, Cuckoo Marans, Australorp, and Buff eggs. As first place … Continue reading

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Winners for the Male Poultry Photo Contest

First Place Jennifer May Bryant won first place with this photo of her Royal Palm Tom Turkey. As first place winner, Jennifer has won a $100 gift certificate. The turkey in the  photo is about 2 years old and is … Continue reading

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Feeding Your Chickens Table Scraps

Chickens like to eat table scraps, and most of the leftovers from your meals are safe for them to eat.  Table scraps alone don’t form a balanced diet for your chickens, so you should use them as a supplemental treat, … Continue reading

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