Winners for the Egg Photo Contest

We have really enjoyed seeing the amazing variety of photos in this contest.

First Place

Lisa Beth Steele won first place with her photo showing a pastel array of duck, Americauna, Cuckoo Marans, Australorp, and Buff eggs. As first place winner, Lisa wins a $100 gift certificate.

Chicken Eggs

Photo by Lisa Beth Steele

Lisa tells a little of her background with raising chickens:

I have been raising chickens for 3 years now, although my grandparents were chicken farmers in the 40’s and 50’s and we had chickens growing up as a kid for awhile, so it’s always been in my blood.  We moved to a farm in Virginia a few years ago where we could keep our horse, and it was a perfect place to raise some chickens also.   We started with 6 chickens and now have 24 plus 6 ducks.  We have Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Americaunas, Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Cochins, Australorps, Salmon Favarolles and Blue Andalusians – a wide array of egg colors! The ducks we have are Pekin and Mallard.  We also have a horse, a German Shepherd and a cat….

We raise our chickens and ducks purely for their eggs.  We also have a vegetable garden and an herb garden and just love being a bit more self-sufficient.

I have never tried hatching any eggs, but with the gift certificate I am going to buy the Chick’n Hutch and try putting some fertile eggs under one of our broody hens next spring. I’ll use the Chick’n Hutch as a nursery for momma hen and the chicks once the eggs hatch.

Second Place

Lisa Murano won second place with this photo of an arrangement of chocolate candy alongside the chocolate colored eggs from her Marans hens. Her prize is a $50 gift certificate.

Marans Chicken Eggs

Photo by Lisa Murano

Lisa gave us the following description:

I’ve been raising chickens since 2009. I originally started with guineas for tick control but decided they needed some chicken friends, so we got some Silkies, Marans and D’uccles. I have 3 different types (or colors) of marans.

The idea for the picture came about since I often get asked “what color are the eggs?” Every color chart I saw seemed to be slightly different, so I decided to take a picture of the eggs with an item everyone would be familiar with, and everyone knows exactly what color Hershey’s chocolate is! These eggs are from 1 and 2 year old hens.

Third Place

Steve Taysom won third place with his photo of eggs from a variety of hens: Americanas, Barred Rock, Black Sex Link, Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and Golden Sexlink. His prize is a $25 gift certificate.

Chicken eggs

Photo by Steve Taysom

Here are Steve’s comments:

I started raising chickens with my father 6 years ago. We have a couple of hundred and many different breeds. My favorites are the Black Copper Marans.

The vegetables in the picture came from our garden. We have 20 acres with sheep, horses, dog and cats. Thank you having the contests, it is great seeing pictures from around the country.

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13 Responses to Winners for the Egg Photo Contest

  1. Elaine says:

    All photo winners are beautiful! They inspire me to add more variety to my little group of Barred Rock and Rhode Island Reds. I want blues, greens, and chocolate colored eggs!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Very nice pictures of the eggs..I really like McMurray for their knowledge of rare breeds. My chicks where hatched May 28 2011.. .I have 23: Reds and Russians. Started laying 10/7/11. 7 eggs that day. Steady laying since then. 148 eggs to date. 10 today. Love my Mabels… Named them all after my Grammy. God Bless. — Mary

  3. Billie Ambrosino says:

    While living on a small hobby farm in upstate NY 40 years ago, I held a beautiful goose egg in my hand and said to my friend, “if we could put this egg in an incubator, we’d get a baby goose you know”. (Brilliant deduction, but God has His ways of turning on the light.) Thus began a series of ordering eggs from all over the country, hatching, observing, loving the many varieties of poultry that you could get from a lowly egg. Seeing pictures of your egg contest still thrills me to the core, and the desire for my own little flock and collecting good eggs is still in my heart. Would my neighbors on Singer Is., Fl. understand? Hummmmnnn! I wonder! Thanks so much for the contest and pics, they’re beautiful. Best of all, God made Himself very real to me in the whole process. Amazing!!!!!

  4. Jean Miller says:

    The three photos of the “winners” of your egg contest are all
    first prize. I can hardly wait for my new chicks. They will be flying to California
    from your “nursery” in about 5 more days!

  5. James says:

    I thought that 1st place should be second and second place should have won first, just my thoughts !!

  6. Robert Jacobs says:

    I have been raising chickens for 25 years and have found that the Rhode Island
    Red and the Golden Sebright (banty) are the BEST parents and raise chicks
    with a high rate of success. The other breeds do better when they are present.
    They actually learn from the others.

  7. stacey says:

    I just have to comment on the winners of the egg photo contest, I think the third place winner should have been first. What an abundance of beautiful eggs. And the 2nd place picture was awesome also.

  8. Betsy Parker says:

    I have never heard of chocolate-covered eggs until I saw the winners of egg photo contest. Those eggs looked like chocolate eggs that stores put out for Easter! Now, I have heard of hens laying Easter eggs–in other words, their eggs were naturally colored with Easter egg colors.

  9. Kazz Workizer says:

    Wow! What great photos. Because of the contest I can hardly wait ’til next spring when I order chickens. Got to get some of those chocolate colored egg layers so I’ll explore the Marans. My customers will be blown away too. Right now I have Americaunas and assorted brown egg layers.

  10. rosemary westling says:

    WOW! They all look so good. Congratulations!

  11. Florence Keagy says:

    I love seeing the photo’s in the contest you have been having. My daughter bought a mini farm so she would have a place for her horses, but I asked her if she was going to raise chickens. I love to see them. She has several different kind now and the eggs are beautiful. This is their first year.

  12. Lisa says:

    All of the photos are beautiful and creative, but I still think Steve Taysom had the best. The bushel basket full of such a complete variety of what our lovely girls have to offer plus the added color of veggies from the garden really painted the perfect picture for me. Job well done Steve!

  13. Bonnie says:

    Wow, the Marans eggs are really something! I will definitely need to raise some of those next year!

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