Winners of the 2012 Kidding Around with Chickens Photo Contest!

Congratulations to our winners of the 2012 Kidding Around with Chickens Photo Contest!  And thank you to everyone who submitted photos – thank you for sharing them!

1st Place





2nd place





3rd place





4th Place




5th Place





6th Place


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10 Responses to Winners of the 2012 Kidding Around with Chickens Photo Contest!

  1. Doris Phillips says:

    cute pictures–I look forward to featuring some of my 16 great-grandchildren with my chicks & hens

  2. Doris Phillips says:

    what a wonderful website–it was forwarded to me by my wonderful sis in law in Fredericksburg, Texas who has been raising poultry at her beautiful ranch for years. I am buying my lst chickens this year and interested in being educated. Thanks for including me in your emails in the future

  3. Lloyd Wagner says:

    As an old duffer I like to show our young chicks off to young kids…. Your pictures make me feel right at home…. Thanks. Lloyd

  4. Patricia McKenney says:

    The little fourth place boy and curious chick are my favorite!

  5. nick dussel says:

    love number 3 is so cute

  6. Syl says:


  7. Kathleen Wiggins says:

    The first place winner is cute as a button! So is the chick…

  8. Terry Kunst says:

    Awesome! Every kid should have their own chicken!!

  9. Adorable! Must have been hard to choose!

  10. Adorable! Every single one of them! I love chickens myself. Kids and chickens together just so special!

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