Postal Service Proposes Increased Shipping Rates on Poultry

Dear Valued Murray McMurray Hatchery Customer,

It has come to our attention the Post Office is requesting a change to the shipment of poultry through the mail. The following link is a copy of the proposal in PDF form or you can read the proposal on-line at the Federal Register:

They are asking that a Special Handle Fee be charged on every Live Animal Shipment. This proposal would increase the postage amount by $9.00 to $11.95 per box.

The proposal outlines the new fees to be charged but it does not include any new rules to insure us that service would also improve. Nor does it offer how additional funds would address their concerns about; Protection of Postal Service employees, mail and the environment, or animals against death.

Please read the proposed changes and send your comments to the US Post Office. We have included a link to a sample letter (in MS Word) for your use. (Sample Letter Link)

Make your voice heard, do it today. The comment period ends next week May 24. Thank you for your continued support.

Letters and e-mails must be submitted on or before May 24, 2013, by sending to the below address or e-mailed to, with a subject line of “Live Animals.”The Manager, Product Classification
U.S. Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 4446
Washington, DC 20260-5015

RE:  39 CFR Part 111 New Mailing Standards for Live Animals and Special Handling

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17 Responses to Postal Service Proposes Increased Shipping Rates on Poultry

  1. Curtis James says:

    Please don’t put the hatcheries out of business by raising your fees. Our economy doesn’t need anymore bad news. Obamanomics has done enough to destroy our free enterprise system. As Nancy Reagan used to say, “just say NO.” Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Not a good idea to raise costs when folks are taking home less pay as it is, a real shot in the foot it would be. It would be best to direct energy to lasting change by lowering taxes on all and encouraging true freedom in this country by ending prohibition, modern day slavery. There’s where the money is going domestically, dumb & dumber. Anyway, my family is USPO and they know the truth. All must stand. The banks, Obama/Bush INC, corporations, lawyers…these are the folks who need a shake down.

    • Connie Johnson says:

      I wish more people would think for themselves instead of letting democrats/republicans think for them!! if more people would think like this, mr. mark walnutt stewart, this country would be a much better place!

  3. Russell J. says:

    Do not increase shipping for live poultry, everything is going up but wages and people would like to keep some things affordable , chickens and livestock is a American family event of all ages to enjoy, please keep it affordable., Russ

  4. Charge more? For what? The chicks are not deliverd to my house even though I have a mail drop at my house. The chicks arrive at the post office and i get a call thats it. They (they) sat in the corner and waited for pick up. I say heck no on the fee increase

    • You can write to the USPS and let them know until May 24th….we need your help!

    • Karen B says:

      Holding them at the P.O. is for the safety of the chicks. Some hatcheries put directions on the box to hold the chicks at the post office and call so the recipient can come pick them up. What if you’re not home? They would sit in the office for hours til the carrier is ready to go, then bounce around 6-7 hours in a too-hot or too-cold mail truck and still come back to the office. I am a postal employee and I see many boxes of chicks and even expensive adult birds come in where the recipient is called, does not answer, a message is left and they do not come to get their birds until the end of the day, or not til the NEXT day. Even my local feed stores, who order hundreds of chicks at a time, often can’t spare an employee to come pick the chicks up for many hours after their arrival.

      I’ve mail ordered quite a few chicks myself and when they’ve arrived at the airport on a Sunday or holiday, the mail processing plant there — which runs 24/7/365 — phones me (without even knowing I am a postal employee) so that I can go pick them up (an hour-plus drive and I gladly do it) instead of having them sit an extra day.

      If you have a good relationship with your mail carrier, I bet s/he would deliver your chicks to your home, if you knew what day they were arriving and would guarantee to be home. I would love it if someone on my route asked me to deliver chicks and promised to be there, or said something like “I have to work, but the brooder is all set up in the barn with food, water, and heat lamp, can you please put them in it?”

  5. Helene Ennor says:

    PLEASE, please do not move forward with these new fees. We just cannot afford it!

  6. Ben says:

    Increasing fees will only cause less people to use the postal service thus the postal service will lose business which in this economic hard ship could have disastrous consequences. Improve your system and cut the groups that are not doing their job. If postal systems improve the way they transport and deliver item there will be less of a need for increasing fees on shipping. Fix what is inside the system before you try to make solutions to outside of the system. Raising fees is like trying to fix a car by painting its rust spots while the fuel injector is missing. It makes more sense if you make your system more efficient than to just raise fees. If fees are raised it will hurt innocent businesses and the people that love life and all of its opportunities.

    • You can write to the USPS and let them know until May 24th….we need your help!

    • Karen B says:

      And unfortunately, USPS is the ONLY way to ship chicks and other birds (other than hideously expensive private shippers). FedEx and UPS will not accept live cargo. Funny though because FedEx is actually the transportation medium for USPS’s live cargo.

  7. Shatae Lewis says:

    RE: 39 CFR Part 111 New Mailing Standards for Live Animals and Special Handling.
    I do not see how these fees will help us poultry growers/hobbyists. We are already paying shipping fees and to be honest the Postal service we already pay for is less to be desired. The USPS throws hatching eggs witch happens to say FRAGILE in big red letters and you loose peoples letters that has peoples checks going off to pay their bills and you get a call one day saying “hey we have not received our money and now you have 2 payments to make”. We pay for shipping of letters(that get lost in transit) and of anything we ship already. I think the fees are already too high now and to ad more fees is just to line the pockets or the Postal Service. The care of packages have greatly declined over the past 13 years . This increase in Shipping could possibly put hatcheries under and when that happens we could loose some of those rare breeds of poultry that only live today do to the hatcheries that take the time to raise and breed these rare breeds. Also another side of this is that the hatcheries could go under as I know with an increase in Shipping I would NEVER order chicks online again and many others would quit as well. Shipping is already high at $20-40 per box. As it is postage has been going up WAY to much lately. Every 2 years the postage is hiked up a few cents. Right now a few cents may not seem much ,but what happens in 5 years when we are paying a dollar just to send a simple letter.Then look at the bigger picture this $1 is then multiplied by a couple million? How much money do you think the USPS is making? There fill in employees are making $15 an hour and what about the ones with normal routes they are making $20 plus an hour. Wow Puts it in perspective doesn’t it. Pretty sad really, My husband has worked the same job for 14 years and only brings home $8 an hour. These hikes will line the USPS pockets while robbing us more. :( Not to mention that these fees will effect more than just shipping the hatcheries will raise there prices as well. It’s one big domino effect witch in the end effects the consumer witch is us the farmers/hobbyists. I SAY NO TO SHIPPING FEE HIKES.

  8. Randy Stewart says:

    Postage is HIGH. Most of the time postage is higher than what you buy.

  9. L Suitor says:

    I am very much against this proposed increase in postage on chicks being shipped through the post office. Since I would not be receiving any better service than I already am, I don’t see why it is necessary.

  10. Victoria says:

    Don’t add a special handling fee to shipments of live animals.

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