The Masters Cup Poultry Show

The weekend of November 21st through 23rd, 2014 was one that will be remembered by many as the start of what generations ahead will read about with curiosity and appreciation.  What started as a vision from event producer, Bart Pals, to the fruition of the event being highlighted by the awarding of a $1,000 check, the Master’s Cup Poultry Show was a privilege to be a part of.  Below is quick recap of the event – more pictures and stories will follow in future posts.

On Friday night Murray McMurray Hatchery hosted a social event at the hatchery that included a very rare treat of a hatchery tour.

A demonstration during the tour of the hatchery operations.

A demonstration during the tour of the hatchery operations.

One of the unique aspects of the social event was directed by emcee Ronnie Lopes of Bermuda as he shared some interesting characteristics of life in Bermuda.

Saturday morning kicked off with Murray McMurray Hatchery hosting over 150 students from various poultry enthusiast groups for tours and questions & answers with staff members.  The students enjoyed the same detailed tour provided the night before to the poultry show participants.  It was such a treat to have one of the students tell us, “My grandmother said to tell you hello and that she has been ordering chicks from you for 70 years!”  Our thanks to the students and the adults accompanying them on their trip to the hatchery and throughout the show weekend.


One of the many student groups that toured the hatchery on Saturday.

One of the many student groups that toured the hatchery on Saturday.

At the show arena throughout Saturday, over 70 fowl were exhibited and judged by Steve

Judging the Poultry entrants

Judging the Poultry entrants

Jones and Conor Keegan.  Poultry enthusiasts from more than eight states and territories were on hand to watch some of the highest quality of fowl being exhibited.

Murray McMurray Hatchery staff preparing for the dinner

Murray McMurray Hatchery staff preparing for the dinner

Saturday night was a time to celebrate the hard work and efforts of all involved, learn the winners of the show and share in wonderful stories of past.  Murray McMurray Hatchery presented a formal dinner with catering by Hickory Park Restaurant in Ames, Iowa.

Winners of the day’s competition included:

1) Black Rosecomb pullet-Dr William Patterson-Oakland, MI
2) Light Brahma Standard-Pullet-Larry & Mark Peterson-Amboy, MN
3) White Call duck Cock-Wapsipinicon Waterfowl-Independence, IA
4) Black East Indie Cock-Lou Horton-West Chicago, IL
5) Black Australorp-Pullet-Paul Flemming-Emily, MN
6) Black Cochin-Pullet-Larry & Mark Peterson-Amboy, MN
7) Black Rosecomb-Cockerel-DR William Patterson-Oakland, MI
8) SC R.I. Red Standard-Cockerel-Adrian & MaryAnn Rademacher-Waconia, MN
9) Buff Orpington Standard-Cockerel-Dr William Paterson Oakland, MI
10) Black Ameraucana Standard-Cockerel-Max Strawn-Princeton, TX

Bud Wood (MMH), event organizer Bart Pals, with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Patterson

Bud Wood (MMH), event organizer Bart Pals, with Dr. and Mrs. William Patterson


Event organizers are already planning for next year’s event, which will again be hosted by Murray McMurray Hatchery.  More information can be found at


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4 Responses to The Masters Cup Poultry Show

  1. Ronnie lopes says:

    I can’t wait until next year Bart and I have been sharing some ideas out their already.. It will just keep getting better … Keep it fun and real !

  2. Jan Brett says:

    I am so sorry to have missed what looked like a great time. I’m hoping my work schedule will allow us to exhibit next year. I’d like to see a Polish on champion row! i applaud your choice of judges and would love to meet breeders of Polish Bantams from further parts of the U.S. to learn from and admire their birds.

    Congratulations to the Pattersons! I would have loved to have seen those beautiful birds.A true showbird that turns heads.

  3. Bill Matthew says:

    As a former hatcher, I’m really pleased to see Bud expanding on what Mac and Lubs started. Great job!

  4. Bart Pals says:


    Looks great! Thank you. Wait until next year!


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