Merry Christmas – Happy New Year!

We certainly hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and we look forward to another wonderful New Year!  Don’t forget to start your Murray McMurray Hatchery online wish list so you can plan appropriately for 2015!

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  1. tnt3266 says:

    We too hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year!
    Just around Christmas, We started seeing in our local newspapers the first sign of heat lamps burning down Coops and killing Chickens. I’ve been dealing with chickens starting back in 2005 and still have the same backyard chickens today. People need to know that chickens can stand cold temps better then they think. Heat lamps are a must when you’re housing baby Chicks. For our backyard chicken coops, there are safer ways to keeping our backyard poultry warm without burning down the Coops or accidentally killing them. It breaks my heart every time i open a newspaper and read about someones poultry being killed because of a heat lamp. Heat Lamps Kill!
    I live in Georgia and i have backyard chickens. At the first sign of Winter i cover my coop, windows and poultry run with plastic. I have plywood flooring inside my coop. I have laid linoleum on top of the plywood flooring for easy cleaning and added insulation. Then i place pine shavings on top of the linoleum. Pine shaving is my first choice because it absorbs poop, water and moisture better than anything else i have tried over the years. Pine shaving is a very cheap was to insulate your coop. All year round i do this process. During the Winter i double layer pine shavings ( Two packs of Pine Shaving) on the floor. The Summer months i use (one pack of pine shaving) covering the floor. I have never had to place any heat source into my coop to keep my chickens warm. Last year our temps fell down to 6 degrees and all my chickens were fine. Not one of them got frostbite combs or died from the rainy cold weather here in Georgia. My coop has no electrical wires or outlets in it. For light there is one push light lamp inside the coop. One battery operated push light lamp, i bought it at Walmart a few years back. A push light lamp puts out enough light in our coop, you could clean the coop at night, if need be. The cost was less than five dollars, very easy to mount. People back in the day didn’t house chickens like we are seeing backyard chickens housed today.

  2. Debbie says:

    When will you have chicks for sale?

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