The Winners of the McMurray Spring Chicken Photo Contest

A lot of really great photos were entered into our Spring 2016 Photo Contest.

The contest is now over, and here are the winning photos:

First Place

First place goes to Nora Lantagne. As a prize, she will receive a $100 gift certificate.

First Place Photo Contest Winner

Photo by Nora Lantagne

Second Place

Second place goes to Danny Norris. He will receive a $50 gift certificate.

Photo by Danny E. Norris

Photo by Danny E. Norris

Third Place

Third place goes to Stephanie Metzger. She’ll receive a $25 Murray McMurray Hatchery gift card.

Photo by Stephanie Metzger

Photo by Stephanie Metzger

Fourth through Sixth Place

Fourth, fifth and sixth place winners will each receive a $15 gift certificate from us.

Fourth place goes to Samantha Osborne.

Photo by Samantha Osborne

Photo by Samantha Osborne

Fifth place goes to Vanessa R. Plakias.

Photo by Vanessa R. Plakias

Photo by Vanessa R. Plakias

Sixth place goes to Jamie S. Wilson.

Photo by Jamie S. Wilson

Photo by Jamie S. Wilson

Thank you to everyone who entered photos and rated the photos.

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61 Responses to The Winners of the McMurray Spring Chicken Photo Contest

  1. DARIUS says:

    Selection of finalists and winners will be done strictly on the basis of popular vote in the rating system of the online photo galleries.

  2. Delores says:

    This info is the cat’s paaasjm!

  3. mariett says:

    I love them all :I am speech less .

  4. JUDY says:

    Just LOVE all of the above pictures!!!!

  5. Daniel rodriguez says:

    fantastic photos, show as the innocent relation in between people and animals.

  6. JOSEPH says:


  7. Howard Myers says:

    These pictures are all so beautiful (both the chickens and the precious children) that I could not decide which was the best one. They are all the “best”. Three of my my pleasant years were the ones my granddaughter and I raised chickens together.

  8. Jeanette says:

    These photos are so cute. Love love love them. Please keep it up.

  9. Char Kisch says:

    :) Beautiful & Genuine…


    Second and Third gifts interested me more looking at young people feeding very lovely bird. I have 50 birds giving a daily average of eggs numbering 35. I need a low cost breeder/hatchery.

  11. Becky Bednar says:

    Congrats to those who ranked the photos! I loved all the photos and it must have been so hard to pick one over another one. Great job to all!

  12. Ronnie King says:

    thanks for the photos

  13. daniel m martin says:

    Love those winning picks
    Heart nurturing

  14. ZoeAnna Hall says:

    When I look at these pix, it’s hard to tell if they are showing off their chickens, or their youngsters. Good to see the little ones taking an interest.

  15. Barbara Murach says:

    They are all adorable! Great to see children still being brought up on a farm and experiencing the care and responsibility that goes along with it. Thank you to their parents and or grand-parents.

  16. Teresa Mintz says:

    What a fun contest. Congratulations to all you winners.

  17. Naomi DeWitt says:

    Love them all! Growing up with chickens is the greatest.

  18. Brenda Czubaj says:

    It was a fun contest! Congratulations to everyone on some really great photos!

  19. Dee says:

    I don’t enter pictures but did vote. I would like to see more picture categories like seniors/adults only, most photogenic, Farm only/birds only etc, kids are ok, Out of the kid category I did vote for the first place winner and little girl in polka dot dress the first two looked natural, didn’t seem posed and smiley face boy with white chicken was just plain nice.

  20. Elaine says:

    These are all adorable!!!

  21. Patsy Regan says:

    Loved them all. Children are so precious and when you combine them with nature and animals it touches my heart. They are all adorable, Especially the first place winner.

  22. Laura Robinson says:

    What a difficult choice to determine the winners! Each photo was heartwarming. How nice to see children raised in an environment where they learn the wonders of animals. They are all winners to me, and their parents for sharing these priceless moments!

  23. Betty Holmes says:

    Bravo!! Such beautiful pictures. The humans looked good and the chickens were cool, of course. Children and animals are always winners. I must remind myself for next year … Children and chickens….children and chickens….children and children. Congrats on your wins everyone. My chicks arrive May 18. Yahoo! Thank you! All of you deserve a blue ribbon. Congrats again. Sincerely- Betty Holmes 😌

  24. Bob Edney says:

    Love the photos. Don’t love your ungenerous prizes. $100 McMurray gift certificate for first prize for a company that takes in millions a year!!! (Not even $100 to be used anywhere.) Then the value of the prizes drops off greatly. You could and should do a lot better.

    • Bob Edney says:

      Say there, hatchery, guess you don’t want to post my comments. Is that because it does not praise your parsimonious (cheap, really) prizes re your photo contest.

  25. Gale says:

    I totally agree with the first place winner, it was my favorite of all. However, I feel like the caption that went with it helped make it the best of all of the photos…gp

  26. Gale says:

    The winner was my very favorite of all of the photos, hands down. However, I feel it was the caption that went with it, that helped make it so great!

  27. Karen Cutler says:

    They’re all terrific! Congratulations everyone…

  28. Diane Harvey says:

    These are all just charming. I love the way these photos convey a comfort level with — and affection for — the chickens on the part of the children. Congratulations to all!

  29. Tom Miller says:

    These photos are all excellent!

  30. kennith beeler says:

    I think all the pics were real winners. Enjoyed the contest

  31. James Hascup says:

    I love to see kids growing up with chickens, now mine are grown and they have there own chickens and my granddaughter is growing up with them too. Great pictures I’m glade I wasn’t the judge

  32. James Hascup says:

    Love to see the kids growing up with chickens , now mine are grown and they have chickens of there own in Idaho and my grand daughter is now growing up with them. Great pictures I’m glad I wasn’t the judge.

  33. Yvonne says:

    Every single one are so sweet and perfect. 1st. Place sends love through me.

  34. Jerry Engle says:

    Hey TEAM,
    Thanks so much for sharing the ‘winning’ pictures with us. Good choices- -showing both critters and kids. . . . . . . they depict assumed “interactions” ! Looks like some really fine ‘stock’ as well ! I really enjoyed seeing these pics’ !


  35. Polly Hubbard says:

    Loved all the photos! Glad to see young people enjoying the birds!

  36. Marianne says:

    All of the photos were amazing! I live in a suburban area where chickens are not common. We have been raising McMurry hens for almost 10 years. It is a hobby that I have grown to love and I am so thrilled we were able to give our sons the experience growing up of raising them. If you are reading this thread…you must be considering raising hens. It’s a life experience that everyone should have! Start with McMurray for quality birds at a reasonable price and always in good health!

  37. Christine says:

    Great pictures. All have children in them! There were so many good ones to choose from. Great job everyone. Thank you McMurray for hosting the contest.

  38. Those are really wonderful. Thank you for sharing this.

  39. Pete Carr says:

    Thank you so much; the pictures were wonderful. They really take me back!

  40. Erika says:

    They’re cute pictures, but I’m disappointed that the winners ALL feature children. There were some good pictures with adults. It’s cheating to have the picture be about cute babies instead of people working with chickens, as was supposedly the theme. If you just want a photo contest for pictures of toddlers with chickens, then have that be the theme.

  41. christine swan says:

    Great pic’s, all of them. I love to see the kids involved.

  42. Jenny says:

    These photos remind me of the importance of our communication, shared living spaces, and love of farm animals. Gentle poultry on a farm bring such a welcome to all visitors. Curiosity and ebullience, ancient wisdom and personality, the gift of eggs and meat– chickens are “the gateway drug” to a re-entry into farming for SO many urbanites. Thank Heavens McMurray has provided that supply to so many of us, so dependably, for so many years.

  43. Donna Ski says:

    I love them all!!! So refreshing to see children not loose touch with the land & animals. I did vote for the 1st place one though-so precious! I wish more children had the opportunity to enjoy a simpler life such as this.

  44. chickensrus says:

    All the photos have adorable kiddos in them – and here I wouldn’t just submitted a photo of my chicken LOL

  45. Hans Boersma says:

    Wonderful photos, every child should grow up taking time with their favorite chickens.

  46. Becky Partan says:

    They are all fantastic photos. Great job!

  47. Karen Barnts says:

    The pictures were great good choices. loved all the kids and feeding chickens.

  48. KELLIE says:

    AHHHH! These are great! Glad y’all do a photo contest!

  49. Cheryl says:

    All of these pictures were so precious! My vote did go to the 1st place winner. That picture was just soooo very cute. Congrats to all who won!

  50. Laura Ungaro says:

    Great choices! Totally agree with first place! Well done—thank you!

  51. monica says:

    Their all adorable! Congrats all!

  52. Terry Green says:

    All of the pics were great!
    But I voted for the old guy feeding his flock, because I have 40 white leghorns, all girls, and too often, they think I’m their “Daddy”.
    Following me around everywhere I go, and squatting and spreading their wings in front of me! Makes me a little nervous sense I don’t have a rooster around to bother them!
    Out of the 40 girls I average 3 dozen eggs per day.

    • Erika says:

      I’m with you

    • Sharon Buske says:

      I voted for him too. It was supposed to be photos about the process of caring for your chickens. I thought he and his chickens were priceless and both enjoyed a mutually happy encounter on a daily basis. But guess you just can’t upstage the cuteness of a child with their chickens.

      On another note and because only another chicken enthusiast would understand and chuckle, am raising 25 Black Stars which are about 12 weeks old. The hatchery threw in a white chick which must be a rooster as he is attempting to crow. (I do not have roosters either.) The strangled sound that is coming out of his mouth is so grotesque and mangled that the Black Star hens all jump up, screech and try to pile in a corner to get away from him! It’s really hilarious. What’s not funny is whatever am I going to do with him? I keep all of my birds even after they slow down on their laying. If I sell him or given him away, he’ll end up in some Mexican’s stew pot! It’s hard to part with any of them when you have hand-raised them from babies. Take care. Enjoyed sharing my “rooster” story with you.

  53. Luke Merrill says:

    Fantastic photos!!! Just love seeing kids growing up in these wonderful country settings.

  54. Don Lindley says:

    You guys do a great job on these!! Brings tears to my old eyes…

  55. Dwayne Griffith says:

    I loved them all.

  56. Stephanie Metzger says:

    Yay!! I’m so excited! Will the gift card be coming by mail?

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