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2014 School’s Out Photo Contest Winners

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Chicks of the Trade (show)

I like trade shows.  Trade shows offer you a place to see, feel, smell and experience new products, new ideas and allow you to meet many new people.  Granted, some people would ask, “Why do you need a tradeshow when … Continue reading

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Bad, Bad Mr. Fox

I remember my mother reading me many stories when I was little.  In a lot of the stories that included a fox, the fox is the bad guy.  The fox has been included in many stories, cultures, songs and more … Continue reading

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2014 Easter Photo Contest Winners


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Why Easter Eggs by Hunter Kemper

Since we are now the proud owners of chickens, I did a little investigating into the significance of “the egg” this Easter celebration.  When did eggs first become associated with Easter?  The egg is an ancient symbol of new life … Continue reading

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Brooding My Chicks

As I drove the moving truck out of the neighborhood, Rosie and Winston sat shotgun quietly.  I could see the look on their face.  They couldn’t believe what we just packed up in this bohemith of a truck.  Quite frankly, … Continue reading

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The Siouxland Garden Show & Murray McMurray Hatchery

I had the pleasure of showcasing some of our Murray McMurray Hatchery chickens and speaking at this past weekend’s Siouxland Garden Show in Sioux City, Iowa.  This was our first time to the show so I didn’t know exactly what … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Chickens by Hunter Kemper

The past couple months have been a fun adventure with our chicks.  They’re beginning to look a lot more like chickens than the fluffy little chicks that arrived on our doorstep just 9 weeks ago.  The weather has gotten warmer … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Flock in the Winter by Kim

You have invested a lot of time raising your chickens and by now they could be producing fresh eggs for you every day. With the winter season, you need to make a few special arrangements to ensure your hens continue … Continue reading

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The Cold Hard Truth – Chickens in the Winter

Winter can be tough on everyone.  The bitter cold bites at your lungs while the howling wind cracks your hands.  Frozen tears cry for warmer weather while layers and layers of bundling limit your mobility to a stay puft marshmallow man.  … Continue reading

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