For most of us, getting eggs home from the market or getting them from the coop to the kitchen can be a daunting task.  The delicate nature of the eggs and the promise that some of us seek from them offers a value beyond the “cost” of the egg itself.  At Murray McMurray Hatchery, the opportunity to offer eggs to customers who want to incubate them themselves is one that comes with no less attention to detail than our shipping of live chicks.  Below is a quick illustration of how we pack eggs to ensure they arrive to you, intact, and ready for your nurturing.

1.  The eggs are brought to the shipping department in standard egg cartons.  The internal portion of the carton, with eggs intact, is filled with a packing material that provides a cushion between the eggs.


2.  Eggs and carton are completely filled with packing material so the eggs do not move around or shake.  The lid of the carton is closed and then taped shut.



3. Next the carton in placed into a shipping box.  The shipping box used for eggs is prepared with a thick styrofoam lining on all sides as well as on the top and bottom of the shipping box.



4.  More packing material is added to provide extra cushion between the eggs, nestled tightly inside the carton, and the exterior of the shipping package.  The styrofoam top put in place and the exterior shipping box is taped close.

5. The shipping package is taped shut.  Labels indicating a “Rush” delivery and “Fragile” contents are applied, along with a shipping label.



We take great pride in the extra precautions and care to detail in shipping eggs to you.  As you can appreciate, the packaging style we chose allows us to ship eggs to all parts of the United States, in all weather conditions.  If you have received baby chicks from us before and want to try something new, try hatching your own chicks from our eggs.  As always, we have incubators and the materials you will need.  It is a fun and exciting adventure!

If you would like to see a quick video on how we pack eggs for shipping, check it out on our YouTube site: