Murray McMurray Hatchery will always, first and foremost, be focused on offering the highest quality of chickens with a heritage of strong blood lines to produce the finest chickens in the world.  As in our beginning in 1917, we continue to offer the highest level of customer service to support our enthusiastic customers who share our love for chickens.  As we strive to cultivate and promote that love for chickens, we have been blessed to offer a variety of products that support that interest.  Some products are directly applicable to caring for chickens, where as others are more celebratory of our Murray McMurray Hatchery brand or the homestead lifestyle.  This new product line is one that transcends all customer types and lifestyles, but keeps a tasteful focus on some of our popular chicken breeds.   Products we offer can be the perfect touch to your coop or home.  Our new line of specialty coffee can be used in any occasion for that perfect touch, with taste!

We offer eight varieties of coffees – choose one or choose them all!  Our coffees are custom roasted from coffee cherries that are hand picked.  Only the very best of the crop is harvested to make this one of the finest selections of coffees available!

The Anconas breed is of the Mediterranean class, coming from the area around Ancona, Italy.  Similar to the lustrous black plumage featured on this breed, the Anconas Blend coffee offers the darkest roast level we offer.  If you are truly a dark roast lover this is your coffee.   Origin: Varying Coffees

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The Old English game fowl predating the Modern BB Red Game breed has a historical past to include cockfighting and more. As such, this dark roasted blend of African, Brazilian and Asian coffee has enough kick  to satisfy any espresso or drip brew fan.  This is a very bold but also smooth coffee that is not for the faint hearted!  Very full bodied but roasted just dark enough to smooth out the whole blend.  Origin: This is an African, Brazilian and an Asian coffee, dark roasted to give it just enough kick to satisfy any espresso or drip brew fan!  Click Here

The Buff Orpington’s pure gold color is symbolic of its great value and high quality.  They are stately birds with a quiet, gentle disposition.  The breed is a perfect match for our decaffeinated coffee offering.  When you want a high quality coffee that is smooth and gentle, without the kick, this is the coffee for you.  This decaf is a mild Columbian with clean and delicate cup flavors.  Origin:  Single Origin Columbian    Click Here

  Residing primarily in the Yucatan Peninsula,   this breed of turkey is simply majestic with its bronze and green iridescent colors.  While arguably the most colorful turkey breed, just to the southwest is this Guatemalan coffee, which is some of the most amazing fragrant
and aromatic coffees in the world.  The natural shade and jungle of the Guatemalan highlands is the perfect environment which lends itself to a very nice and very natural full cup.  Antigua is Guatemala’s oldest and most famous coffee growing region.  Antiguan cups are nice bodies, full-on bright coffees with spice. Origin: Single Origin
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Whether on the farm, in the living room or driving to work, this truly is a coffee that everyone will enjoy!  A classic breakfast blend featuring roasted beans from Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala.  This is a blend you can enjoy all day long.  Our signature blend offers a wonderful aroma with a rich sweetness and a hint of smokiness.  Origin:  This blend is equal portions of our current coffees from Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala.  Roasted to a light roast level. Click Here


The Sumatra breed comes from the island of Sumatra in far off southeast Asia.  Sumatran coffees capture the wild jungle
essence of this tropical Indonesian island.  We cup Sumatran after Sumatra to find that earthy, deep, complex, full-bodied coffee that exhibits low-acidity smoothness.  A great Sumatran is creamy,
sweet, with a touch of butterscotch, spice, and mustiness.  Origin: Single origin Sumatra        Click Here

The Egyptian Fayoumis breed has been raised along the Nile River in Egypt for centuries.  Originating just to the south of there, this coffee holds a special place in Ethiopian culture that transcends that of the coffees from other origin countries.  The majority of the crop does not even leave the country and is drunk with great ceremony by the Ethiopian people.  This blend has a delicate mouth feel with complex fruit acidity, flavors of peach, bergamot (a kind of
orange), and lemon and a rich chocolate aftertaste.   Origin: Ethiopian and Sumatra
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The Arauacana gets it’s name from the Indian tribe of Chile in South America.  This South American blend of coffee is mild and smooth, an inviting aroma to entice you in the morning.  For our customers who like the complexity of blends, this is a classic full bodied coffee that is smooth as silk. Origin:  This blend is equal amounts of Brazil and Colombia Supremo Roasted to a regular roast.  Click Here





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