Chris called us last week to let us know that our chicks would be arriving – this is great as our kids would all be home for their delivery.  The anticipation was great as the boys, especially our oldest son Davis (7 years old), could not wait to meet our new baby chicks.

Saturday morning came, and they were determined to meet the mail lady at the front door.  It was a very warm January day, so the kids waited outside on the front stoop.  They waited and waited.  The mail lady actually came to deliver our mail, but no chicks.  I thought they might arrive on a separate truck perhaps.  So they waited some more.  Finally, around 2:00pm, I called our local post office looking for our chicks.  They had not seen them.  They figured their transit was probably slowed by the weather in Iowa.  The kids were bummed.  We were a little worried that the chicks would suffer if they didn’t arrive until Monday.  However, we talked to the people at Murray McMurray and they assured us that the chicks would be fine.  Apparently it is very common for it to take a few days for the chicks to arrive.  We felt reassured that the chicks would be ok.

The next morning, we were all ready to go to church when there was a knock on the door.  It was the mail man and he had our chicks!  I had no idea U.S. Postal Service delivered on Sunday.  Apparently they make some exceptions, and this was one of them!  What an exciting surprise to start off our Sunday morning.

Watch this movie trailer which features our new adventure raising our chicks: