For over a century, McMurray Hatchery has been offering the widest selection of poultry breeds and remained dedicated to preserving the quality of each breed as set forth by the American Standard of Perfection — and 2019 is no exception.

McMurray Hatchery is thrilled to announce the addition of several new breeds in 2019 — beginning with the Bielefelder. These gentle giants have been making a splash in the poultry world. The Bielefelder is originally a German domestic breed created in the 1970s by using Barred Rocks, New Hampshire Reds, Malines, and Rhode Island Reds.

This large, easy-to-raise breed are extremely docile, beautiful and robust. Adult males are easily 10-12 pound and have striking long barred feathering. Hens are not much smaller, and are highly desired for their darker, chocolate colored brown eggs. This dual-purpose breed  is good for both meat and eggs.

The Bielefelder is an auto-sexing breed, meaning male and female day-old baby chicks are easily identified. Males are brown and white with a white spot on their head. Females have more of a chipmunk coloring and dark stripes across their faces. Chicks are friendly, alert and quick to forage.

The 2019 Bielefelders are available online now, order now before they’re gone!