Customer Photos to Appear in 2022 McMurray Hatchery Marketing

Congratulations to photo contest winners Anna Christian and Teddi Yaeger! Their photos have been selected to be used in our 2022 marketing materials — premiering in our full page ad on the back cover of the October/November issue of Backyard Poultry magaine and the November/December issue of Chickens magazine. Each of these winners wil receive a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to McMurray Hatchery.

All photos in this year’s contests will go on to be considered for use in our 2022 catalog. Stay tuned for more winner announcements in late October and early November!

Click here to view all of the entries in our McMurray Hatchery photo contests.

Meet Our Winners

Anna Christian | McMurray Hatchery Photo Contest Winner

Anna Christian is an Minnesota-based photographer and Instagram influencer known for her stunning photos of her chickens, coop, family, and modern/Scandi decor. See Anna’s recent viral chicken coop cleaning Instagram video here. See more of her amazing photography in the upcoming 2022 McMurray Hatchery catalog and marketing. Follow Anna on Instagram at

Teddi Yaeger | McMurray Hatchery Photo Contest Winner

Teddi Yaeger is an Iowa-based wife, mama, farmer, tourism director, and professional photographer. Her vivid poultry photography has appeared in several issues of the McMurray Hatchery catalog and marketing, including her winning Lavender Orpington photo on the 2021 cover. Follow Teddi on Instagram at @tyaegerphoto.