At Murray McMurray Hatchery, we are committed to helping our customers create a more sustainable lifestyle. By opening the McMurray Marketplace, we hope to connect members of our community and help those who are raising our birds for revenue to increase their profits. Our goal is to provide these vendors with an opportunity to use the power of McMurray Hatchery’s online presence to enhance their visibility, extend their reach, and work with those who are local to them. 

Shop Local and Direct

Search the McMurray Marketplace to support the farms, farm stands, markets, CSAs, and small businesses that are in your community. When you go to our Marketplace directory you can search for vendors by location within a radius of your choosing, or you can browse products by category. If there aren’t any Marketplace listings in your area, consider signing up to become a vendor and encourage others in your area to do the same. We hope that our Marketplace will grow and foster connections among communities across the country.

List Your Business

Marketplace vendors have a variety of options when listing with us, including:

  • Level 1: Farm fresh egg sales, honey, and bee related products
  • Level 2: Pastured poultry
  • Level 3: Juvenile chicks (4-9 weeks old), NPIP required
  • Level 4: Started pullets and ready-to lay-hens (15+ weeks old), NPIP required

When you apply to be a Marketplace vendor, simply select the option that best suits you. Each sales tier also includes all of the levels. For example, if you wish to sell fresh eggs, pastured poultry, and juvenile chicks at your farm, you only need to apply once to sell started chicks. NOTE: Farms offering juvenile chicks, started pullets and ready-to-lay hens will be pre-screened and are required to be NPIP certified.

Once your Vendor Form Request is received by our team, your listing will be reviewed, approved, and added to the Marketplace. A representative will contact approved vendors to set up a recurring monthly payment. There are no hidden or additional fees when listing on the marketplace, and no minimum commitment — you may cancel at any time. Each vendor pays a small monthly fee to be listed in our Marketplace directory, but all sales and communications are done directly with the vendor.

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Juvenile Chicks and Started Pullets Now Listed in the Marketplace

For years the juvenile chicks and started pullets from McMurray Hatchery have been farm-raised. Now you can go direct to the farms when shopping for juvenile chicks (4-9 week olds), and started pullets (15+ weeks old). Simply visit the Marketplace and look for the tags indicating that farm offers either or both options. Farm listed to sell started birds on the Marketplace are required to be NPIP, meaning they follow the National Poultry Improvement Plan to ensure their birds are routinely tested for illnesses such as salmonella and avian influenza. Farms are required to be NPIP in order to ship across state lines. By shopping direct with a farm, this enables customers to interact directly with the farm as to their availability, care of the birds, and other questions they may have.