2010 Photo Contest: Semi-finalist Poll


The polls are now closed, and the 2010 Chicken Photo Contest has ended.  To see the winners, visit the link below:

2010 Photo Contest Winners

Too Funny for Words

The poll for the “Too Funny for Words” category of the Murray McMurray Chicken Photo Contest is now open.  Now is your chance to see the semi-finalist photos and rate them.  The poll is open to everyone.  Visit the link below to participate:

Semi-finalist poll – Too Funny for Words (closed)

This poll will remain open until noon, Central on Wednesday, October  6, 2010.  When the poll closes, we will select the five finalists based on the ratings in this poll.

For more information regarding the contest, see:

Contest Details

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5 Responses to 2010 Photo Contest: Semi-finalist Poll

  1. Margaret Terrell says:

    I loved all of the photos,brought back alot of memories.It was really,really hard to chose. GREAT PHOTOS !!!!!!!! (PS If you are stressed out, buy you some chickens and they will change your life)

  2. Erma says:

    I am afraid I wasn’t much help to you….. I liked most all of these photos! There are some GREAT shots!

  3. Judy Nelson says:

    Quite a variety of situations and animals! Some wonderful photography, too.

  4. Marilyn Wagner says:

    These are truly great pictures. The ones I marked as a ‘5’ made me laugh outloud…..Thanks to all who entered…..Marilyn

  5. Barbara says:

    What a GREAT bunch of photos! It will be hard to chose a final winner from these!

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