2010 Photo Contest Winner

Too Funny for Words

The final results are in for this category of the photo contest.

The Winner

Congratulations to Kristine Jahnke for winning first place in the contest with her photo of their family cat curled up next to a Rhode Island Red hen. As the first prize winner, she has received a $100 Murray McMurray Hatchery coupon.

Kristine Jahnke

The hen in the photo was raised by Kristine’s son, Benjamin, age 13. Benjamin learned about raising chickens from his grandparents. He has been raising chickens since age six, when his family moved onto a farm.  He is in 4H and raises several other breeds of chickens, including Ameraucanas, Phoenix, Polish, and Brahmas.

Second Place

Kristin and Michael Swanson took second place in the “Too Funny for Words” category of the contest with their photo of chickens roosting on a well decorated perch.

Kristin and Michael Swanson

Third Place

Riley Morrissette received third place for a photo of the swimming Barred Rock.

Riley Morrissette

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37 Responses to 2010 Photo Contest Winner

  1. Jesse Dearman says:

    Thanks for these photos, bringing enjoyment to everyone and the efforts by all contestants, I loved em all! I take pics of my Buffs more than I should!

    Thanks McMurrays for having it!

  2. Riley Morrissette says:

    Congrats to the other winners! I am glad to have one 3rd place and to have been a part of the McMurray Photo Contest and I hope to be apart of it next year also! Thank You all for the nice comments and again, Congrats to the other winners!

  3. Heather M says:

    Wonderful photos! I loved them. Thank you all so much.

  4. Jim Siwek says:

    I Hate Chickens Because…
    1. They take up way too much of my time!
    My wife and I spend way too many hours watching our “girls” when I get home from work.
    2. They get into everything, especially when I’m trying to till the garden.
    3. I have to fence in everything to keep them from scratching everything up.
    I could go on and on, but life just wouldn’t be the same without them

  5. Morgan C. says:

    I loved all the winners, and I hope you do this contest again next year.

  6. Stevie Fava says:

    Chickens waiting for Santa should have won hands down! Cat and chicken – common. Chicken in pool – great idea, but not great photo.

  7. Ken of Lino Lakes says:

    In a world that can be so stressful, thank you for the smile you gave me. Great pictures! Please have this contest next year…

  8. Margaret Terrell says:

    I loved all the winners pictures. I sure hope McMurray does this contest next year. It has been soooo much fun. I love my chickens. Everyone calls me the chicken whisper, because I talk to them and they talk back.

  9. Gayle says:

    Thanks, I needed that:)

  10. Shirley says:

    All three winning photos captured a tremendous amount of joy given to us by chickens. Keep up the good work!

  11. Roger Smith says:

    Well done everyone!!! You’re all winners, and the efforts you made gave each of us the opportunity to smile and remember that the simple things like simply watching our pets often bring the most enjoyment.

  12. maggie says:

    Totally awesome pics. I have a 125 lb. lab who is scared of the chickens and rooster.

  13. Karen says:

    Love the pics…. I miss my chickens so much! We moved to town, and the family that bought our country home is now enjoying my chickens. I love the chicken and cat sleeping together, and the chickens on the perch with their stocking is great!!!!! If I could have chickens in town, I would, but the city I live in say ‘no chickens in town’ If only they knew how great they are!

  14. Chris McClure says:

    We did raise a Rhode Island Red rooster with a flock of Khaki Campbell ducks. We named him “Chuck, the chicken duck”. He followed the ducks everywhere, even to the creek, but he never got in the water. When the ducks climbed out of the creek on the far side, Chuck ran hysterically back and forth along the bank, crowing constantly.

    The ducks would come back to him. They all slept together in a large doghouse. Chuck never did roost.

  15. Chris Biller says:

    Chickens roosting on a well-decorated perch would be a precious Christmas card! Just loved it!

  16. Bobbi Stropus says:

    I would have chosen the swimming Barred Rock for first place. I love it!

  17. Bobby Avery says:

    Enyoyed the photos of winners. I have five Rhode Island reds. Enjoy the fresh eggs.

  18. Chrisp says:

    What a fun contest this was! Lots of great photos. I enjoy watching my little 7 year old flock of mixed bantams every day in my 2 acre yard here in Alaska. I never knew chickens could swim either………

  19. linda says:

    The chicken swimming in the pool was great! Maybe the chicken is trying to teach the boy to swim.

  20. tracy toth says:

    Chicken pics are the BEST! Congrats to the folks who captured these…

  21. Victor Thomas says:

    I can remember a scene from the Beverly Hillbillies where Ellie Mae had a chicken in the “cement pond” swimming with her. I didn’t know until then that chickens could swim. I am sure most are not too fond of it, but I am sure they all probably can swim.

  22. Shirley Anne Cynar says:

    Congratulations Riley!!!!!! Love that photo, all the years I had chickens never knew they could swim!!!!! Guess “wet hens” AREN’T really mad after all!!!!!

  23. Bonnie Hemmersbach says:

    Well, I heard the story of the owl and the pussycat…

    I never considered if chickens could swim. Guess if we are ever asked that trivia question, we now know the answer!

    If good chickens get corn in their stockings, what do bad chickens get in their stockings?

    LOVE these pictures!

  24. jean kidd says:

    What a pleasure to see these content and happy “family” chickens, enjoying a good life and entertaining their people. Too often we see the miserable creatures suffering in gigantic holding pens or tiny crates where freedom is never to be. I salute the small farmers and pray that they will be here forever and prosper.

  25. Sylvia says:

    I love all your winners but my favorite is all the Christmas ladies, unknowingly posing! My mama used to say that cats make strange bedfellows of anyone and the first picture proves her right!! Do you think the swimming chick might have been raised with the ducks??!

  26. Bethany Angle says:

    Thanks for the funny shots! I love the winner, a delightful chuckle to lighten the day. So glad folks are having fun with their chickens! Thinking I might see if any of mine want a dip in the pool next summer.

  27. Sherry says:

    I like them in reverse order. Who knew a chicken would want to swim?

  28. TishtishX says:

    Ha ha ha! No way my cats would sleep with a chicken. They see them as dinner!

  29. Danielle says:

    So cool, I love the winners!
    Wow I never knew chickens could swim, actually I thought it to be the total opposite.
    Just love the first place picture, but it kind of makes me sad because I lost my red hen last night.
    Congrats to all the winners, you took amazing shots!

  30. Valerie says:

    Who knew … a cat and chicken would make such good nap buddies….. all the semi finalists were great….I enjoyed voting and congrats to the winners.

  31. Spiced Ham says:

    I can’t believe the Swimming Barred Rock didn’t win!!! Although the Christmas Chickens were my 2nd choice and the Cat and the Chicken Napping were my 3rd. Absolutely wonderful, and it’s nice to see that my deep (and surprising to me) love of chickens is shared by so many others. On our little farmette, we call it “Chicken Therapy” when we hang out with them. Can’t wait to get “Dino-chickens” someday!

  32. Carol Runyon says:

    The first two would make great Christmas cards: “Peace on Earth” for the first one and something catchy for the second one from the “Night Before Christmas” or something.

    I think I’ll pass on throwing my girls in the pool, however!!!!! They’d probably sink!!!

  33. Maria @ EggLayingChickens says:

    What great pictures! The one of the cat and the Rhode Island Red is just priceless. I will have to show my son (age 7) who is always concerned about neighborhood cats getting too close to his birds. I know some cats can be predators, but this is just a sweet reminder that pets raised together can overcome those instincts.

  34. Lisa says:

    Hahahahahaha….swimming with chickens! Thanks for sharing!!!

  35. anita bauer-bartkey says:

    We raised chickens for a few years and had one that would perch on our Basset Hound whenever he was asleep in the yard. It has been enjoyable looking at the winning photos, especially the one in the pool. I guess I never knew chickens could swim.

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