Too Funny for Words

The final results are in for this category of the photo contest.

The Winner

Congratulations to Kristine Jahnke for winning first place in the contest with her photo of their family cat curled up next to a Rhode Island Red hen. As the first prize winner, she has received a $100 Murray McMurray Hatchery coupon.

Kristine Jahnke

The hen in the photo was raised by Kristine’s son, Benjamin, age 13. Benjamin learned about raising chickens from his grandparents. He has been raising chickens since age six, when his family moved onto a farm.  He is in 4H and raises several other breeds of chickens, including Ameraucanas, Phoenix, Polish, and Brahmas.

Second Place

Kristin and Michael Swanson took second place in the “Too Funny for Words” category of the contest with their photo of chickens roosting on a well decorated perch.

Kristin and Michael Swanson

Third Place

Riley Morrissette received third place for a photo of the swimming Barred Rock.

Riley Morrissette