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History Cochins arrived in England and the United States in 1845. Originally, Cochins were called Chinese Shanghai Fowl, after the district in China where they originated. Later the name was changed to “Cochin China” and finally shortened to “Cochin”. The … Continue reading

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7 Reasons To Raise Chickens

There are many good reasons to raise chickens: 1. Fresh Eggs There simply aren’t any eggs fresher than those that you can get if you raise your own chickens. 2. High Quality Eggs and Meat When you raise your own … Continue reading

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Shatter Resistant Bulbs: A Potential Danger to Your Chickens

Shatter resistant or safety coated light bulbs are a potential source for toxic fumes that can be dangerous to your chickens and other poultry. There are a number of shatter  resistant light bulbs on the market today. These include heat … Continue reading

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Rare Breeds of Chickens

The American Livestock Breed Conservancy (ALBC) lists a number of rare chicken breeds.  We carry many of those rare breeds at McMurray Hatchery — below is a list grouped by the ALBC status for each breed.  Each listed breed contains … Continue reading

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7 Myths about Urban Chickens, Myths 4 – 7

by Patricia Foreman [This article is part of a series, to read the entire series, visit: 7 Myths about Urban Chickens.] Myth 4. Chickens Attract Predators, Pests & Rodents. Fact: Predators and rodents are already living in urban areas. Wild … Continue reading

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