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Our Best Egg Layers

The breeds listed below are our best egg layers.  They lay large eggs, and they lay frequently and consistently. White Egg Layers Pearl White Leghorns – Excellent layers of large, white eggs. They are our most prolific layers and have … Continue reading

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Breaking a Hen of Broodiness

Usually, when one of our hens goes broody, we let her continue to set so that she can hatch and raise chicks.  Occasionally, though, a hen will go broody at the wrong time. Maybe we don’t have space for her … Continue reading

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10 of Our Most Popular Blog Posts from January – June 2011

Here are 10 of our most popular posts and article series from the first half of this year. 1. How to Introduce New Chickens into your Flock (series) Adding new chickens to your existing flock can cause a lot of … Continue reading

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