Here are 10 of our most popular posts and article series from the first half of this year.

1. How to Introduce New Chickens into your Flock (series)

Adding new chickens to your existing flock can cause a lot of pecking and harm to the new chickens.  This series of articles describes how to add new chickens to your flock with as little stress as possible, for both you and your chickens.

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 2. 4 Excellent Egg Recipes

When the hens are producing great, sometimes we get overrun with eggs. Here are a few of our favorite recipes that use a lot of eggs.

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3. 9 Things to Investigate if Your Hens aren’t Laying Well

If you’re getting fewer eggs from your laying flock than you used to or than you expect, read this article for suggestions of what might be the problem and what you can do to help them lay their best.

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4. 7 Reasons to Raise Chickens

Why do you raise chickens?  There are lots of good reasons to do so. Be sure to check out the 50+ replies from others who’ve read this article.

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5. Using Electric Poultry Netting

If you have a large flock and plenty of room, electric poultry netting is an excellent tool to protect and contain your flock.  Read this article to learn more about electric mesh poultry fence.

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6. Should I Feed My Chickens Oyster Shells?

We recommend that you feed oyster shells to your layers. To find out why and how,

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7. Rare Breeds of Chickens

We carry many rare breeds (identified by the ALBC) of poultry. For a list of breeds and their ALBC status,

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8. Buff Orpingtons

Buff Orpington chickens are a very popular breed.  They are gentle, lay well, and make good broodies and good mothers. To learn more about them,

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9. Silkies

Silkies reportedly originated in China or Southeast Asia.  They have soft fur like plumage, are calm, make good broodies, and good pets. To learn more,

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10. Cochins

Gentle, large, adaptable, and available in many colors, Cochins are another breed of chickens that broods well. To learn more about their history and traits,

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