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Male Poultry Photo Contest

Description of the Contest Our second photo contest of the year is the Male Poultry Photo Contest. It is for photos of roosters, drakes, ganders, tom turkeys, and male poultry of any other type that we offer in our 2011 … Continue reading

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How Can I Get My Hens to Lay in their Nest Boxes?

Sometimes hens lay their eggs on the floor of the coop, which can be a problem because the eggs get soiled from their manure, and the eggs are more likely to get cracked, broken, or stepped on. Hens will also … Continue reading

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Poultry Housing Photo Contest

This is our first photo contest of the year. Photos for the Poultry Housing Photo contest can include any type of housing for chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, or any other type of poultry that we offer in our 2011 catalog … Continue reading

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Which Chicken Breeds are the Most Likely to Go Broody?

One of our favorite times is when a hen in our home flock goes broody and hatches baby chicks. Some hens and some breeds have a stronger tendency to go broody than others, and some make better mothers than others. … Continue reading

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Which Chicken Breeds Do You Recommend for Warm Climates?

A recent question from one of our blog readers was: I live in the Deep South and I am wondering which breed of chickens would best tolerate the heat and humidity? I am looking for layers, that produce well year … Continue reading

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How Warm Should I Keep my Baby Chicks?

When baby chicks hatch, they need additional warmth. Their body heat alone is not enough to keep them warm. Without additional heat, they can become chilled and stressed, and if it goes too long, they can become ill or die. … Continue reading

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How Much Space Do My Chickens Need?

  Chickens will be happier and healthier if they are let out during the day to forage. At night, they need protection against predators, so they should be kept in a chicken coop or shelter.  The proper size of the … Continue reading

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