The original Orpington, a Black Orpington, was developed by William Cook, from the village of Orpington, County of Kent, England in the 1880s. In 1886 he introduced the Black Orpington at the Chrystal Palace Poultry Show, and his pullet won the grand prize.

To develop the Orpington, Cook crossed Black Minorcas with Black Plymouth Rocks, then crossed the resultant bird with clean-legged Langshans. The Buff Orpington was later developed through other crosses.

Qualities of the Buff Orpington

  • Temperament Orpingtons have a gentle, docile disposition. They are easily tamed and are even somewhat affectionate toward their handlers.

  • Broodiness – Orpington hens go broody often and make excellent mothers.
  • ClimateOrpingtons tolerate cold temperatures well, but the comb of the male is prone to frostbite and must be protected.
  • Foraging – Orpingtons forage well on pasture. They also tolerate confinement well.
  • Maturity Rate – The Orpington matures quickly.

Orpingtons are a dual-purpose breed. They are known for their calm temperament, good egg laying, and exceptional meat. Hens are good winter layers and lay light to dark brown eggs.

Physical Appearance of Buff Orpingtons

  • Feathers –Their  feathers are soft, fluffy, and profuse. They lay close to the body, and hide most of the legs.
  • Coloration Their skin is white. The beak is pinkish white, eyes are reddish bay, and shanks and toes are pinkish whites.
  • Comb –Orpingtons have a single comb with five well-defined points. The combs are bright red and of medium size.
  • Wattles – Bright red, medium size with well rounded lower edges.
  • Earlobes –Bright red, medium size, oblong, and smooth.

Videos of Baby Buff Orpington Chicks



  • Buff Orpingtons Buff Orpingtons are our most popular variety of Orpington.
  • White OrpingtonsWhite Orpingtons have white plumage but are otherwise similar in appearance and characteristics to the Buff Orpington.


Do you raise Orpingtons?  Do you raise them in an urban, backyard setting or in a rural area? What has your experience with them been?