Partridge Rock

Partridge Rock

[This series is a diary of our experience raising chickens for our home flock. To see all articles in this series, please visit Home Flock Series.]

Today, we took all of the chicks out of the brooder and brought them out into the yard to let them forage while we replaced the bedding in their brooder.  We’ve been using hardwood shavings, which are absorbent, easy on the chickens’ feet, and easy to remove and replace.  We carted the old bedding out to the compost heap.

Cleaning out Brooder


The chickens’ seemed to really enjoy being out in the yard.  At first, they stayed very close together but soon they began to spread out more.  They found bugs and other small things to eat.

Baby Chicks


Buff Rock Eating Bug


My two youngest children watched the chickens and kept them from venturing too far while my oldest son cleaned out the brooder and added fresh bedding. This Americana flew up onto my lap to perch as I sat in a folding chair taking photos.


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