Japanese researchers embarked on a multi-country journey with a visit to Murray McMurray Hatchery in Webster City, Iowa as part of a study to trace the DNA of domestic chickens. During the five-day visit, the researchers collected blood samples from more than 20 breeds of chickens offered by Murray McMurray Hatchery. 

“To be chosen as a designation by the team of researchers speaks volumes about the birds we offer,” said Bud Wood, President of Murray McMurray Hatchery.  “This was actually their second visit to our flock farms and we are absolutely thrilled to assist them with their interests.”  Murray McMurray Hatchery members Bud Wood and Chris Huseman, Ph.D., Director of Marketing assisted with the collection process.  “The more information we can collectively share through research efforts to learn about the historical development of the breeds we offer is a win-win solution,” added Dr. Huseman. “Through our efforts inspired by our mutual interests, we will better understand these beautiful creatures.”

 The Japanese research team visiting Iowa consisted of Dr. Yoshio Yamamoto, Dr. Takeshi Sasaki, Dr. Takahiro Yonezawa and Mr. Ichiro Fukunaga.  The entire research team is comprised of 15 people total, with various members traveling to Webster City, Iowa in the United States, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, Holland and Hungary later this year.    Iowa State University assisted with the extraction of the DNA from the blood samples collected.

Since 1917, Murray McMurray Hatchery has been the leader in supplying the small farmer, rural egg producer and chicken enthusiast with a wide variety of day-old baby chicks, pullets, ducklings and much more.  The hatchery offers more than 150 varieties of birds.