The past couple months have been a fun adventure with our chicks.  They’re beginning to look a lot more like chickens than the fluffy little chicks that arrived on our doorstep just 9 weeks ago.  The weather has gotten warmer and they’re now enjoying living in their brand new coop. IMG_3151

My wife Val and I have decided that chickens are the ultimate pets for three little boys.  During the first few weeks, the boys enjoyed holding them and petting their soft little fuzz.  As they’ve grown, they enjoy watching the silly little girls peck and scratch around.

One afternoon, our oldest son Davis came running into the house to tell us that our two year old Case was in the Peck and Play with the chicks, and that he kissed one of them!  I guess they’re getting very comfortable with our new pets.

Did you know how many books there are written about chickens?  Every week, Davis IMG_0561brings home a new chicken book from school.  It’s been a fun way for all of us to learn all the fun facts there are to know about chickens.  We’ve also realized that we have a lot of children’s books around the house that have chickens in them.  The kid’s most recent favorite is, “The Chicken Problem.”  Our little Case begs to read it every night before bed.

With our boys, it’s been all about the chickens.  They love to read chicken books, watch chicken cartoons and chicken movies, tell why did the chicken cross the road jokes, and draw and color chicken pictures.  Davis has even brought the chicks in to first grade for show and tell.  They were definitely a hit with all the kids!  IMG_0832

When we first made the decision to raise chickens in our backyard, we primarily thought about the benefits of fresh eggs.  We’ve been pleasantly surprised to experience what great pets they make for the entire family.  Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, and Rio have definitely found a special place in our family.