Catalog time is here again!  Actually, it has been here for several months but now we are at the stage where final decisions need to made and the final blessings are put on the various pages.  It is always a fun process but certainly brings with it some frustration as things don’t always happen when they are supposed to.

With several hundred product skus included in the catalog, it can be a challenge to get every vendor’s prices just right or predict cost increases and decreases.  Some vendors simply don’t know, for certain, what their prices and costs are going to be in the next 18 months or so!  We take a look at historical evidence, look at the value chain partners involved in the delivery of the products and develop our pricing.  Of course, this is just part of the process.

Deciding what products to put in the catalog is a collective process that starts from the day the previous catalog was printed.  New products that we have introduced in the past year are included and new products looking forward are reviewed to include.  The catalog in total involves several product managers, customer service reps, directors, buyers, IT personnel, hatchery managers, owners, vendors, printers, delivery trucks, the postal service and so much more!

Our 2015 catalog is nearly complete.  It again, has been a lot of fun putting it together and we look forward to sharing it with you in the next month or so.  In the mean time, feel free to look at our website!