The 2017 Murray McMurray catalog — our 100th Anniversary catalog — will be extra special next year with a little help from some of our friends who have submitted photos to one of our photo contests.

These photos were selected for use in the upcoming anniversary catalog, and as a thank you, they will be receiving a $50 gift certificate. In addition, we have acknowledged their contribution by listing their name with the photo in the catalog. Thank you to all who have participated in our photo contests over the years.

2017 McMurray Hatchery Catalog Winners


  1. Steven Swingle
  2. Lolita Hestand
  3. Ann Gebhart
  4. Vanessa Plakias
  5. Kayla Nunes
  6. Candice Watson
  7. Sharon Gould
  8. Stephen Eastman
  9. Melissa Libby
  10. Erin McKinley
  11. Michael Willis
  12. Lindsey Richmond
  13. Jennifer Gallus
  14. Mary Webb
  15. Jean Christine Klein
  16. Michelle Michener
  17. Jim Price
  18. Sailor Ward
  19. Neve Perdue
  20. Kristi Hantelman
  21. Gwen & Laura Burrows
  22. Kayla Nunes
  23. Claudia Hebert
  24. Yvonne Gnirss
  25. Mark & Erin Halla
  26. Mary Webb
  27. Ruth Hansen
  28. Glenn Shreiber
  29. Candice Watson

The 2017 catalogs will be mailed out in late December and should arrive in homes by mid-January. Keep an eye out for the new catalog in your mailbox after the New Year!