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As cold weather sets in across much of the U.S., the leaves are falling, days are shorter, and the nights are longer and colder. The National Weather Service is predicting a colder than normal winter for the upper portion of the country. Based in northern Iowa, the long winter months can be a challenge for our flock at the Hatchery.

Select from the page links below to learn more about our favorite winter tools and accessories that we use at the Hatchery — and in our own coops at home — to help our birds weather the cold months.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Heated Poultry Waterer”]Heated Poultry Waterer

Heated Poultry Waterer

Water is necessary for chickens to regulate body temperature, and for digestion and egg production. Our staff prefers the generously-sized Heated Poultry Waterer which holds up to 3 gallons of water to keep our birds hydrated and prevent their water source from freezing when the temperatures drop. This unit features a built-in, thermostat-controlled, 100-watt heater, making this waterer suitable for all seasons. Its two-foot-long cord hooks to the base to hold the cord neatly and safely in place.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Electric De-Icer”]Electric De-Icer

Electric D-Icer

In certain situations, we find that even in the winter we use larger watering vessels and need to keep them from freezing. We use the Electric De-Icer which can keep up to 50 gallons of water from freezing — even at below zero temperatures! A few of our customers have even used it to keep kiddie pools open year-round for their ducks. The De-Icer is safe for use with plastic or metal, and its built-in thermostat means it only runs when necessary.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Thermocube”]Thermocube


Temperatures can fluctuate during the winter months and a cold snap can come on quickly. We use the Thermocube with our heated waterers to ensure that they only heat when needed, and they never freeze over. The cube plugs into a standard electrical outlet and turns power on and off automatically according to the outside air temperature — turning on when temperatures fall below 35°F, and off when they rise above 45°F.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Extreme Range Feeders”]Extreme Range Feeders

Extreme Range Feeders

Did you know a chicken’s feed consumption increases in the colder months? It takes a lot of energy to stay warm during the winter. Your chickens need at least ten percent more calories during the winter than they do in the summer. Our line of Extreme Range Feeders are built to keep food protected and reduce issues like feed sticking in the cold weather. Their large capacity (25- and 50-lb capacity) makes them a great option for keeping your birds fed if you are traveling for the holidays and unable to tend to them for a day or two.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Forage Cakes”]Forage Cakes

Forage Cakes

During the winter months, chickens can get bored easily because they have less daylight and less opportunities to have outdoor time. To help reduce boredom, feather-picking and to promote muscle tone and strength, we recommend giving Forage Cakes to your flock. These treats contain seeds, nuts, fruits, and grains and encourage natural foraging behavior even when they are stuck indoors.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Thermo-Chicken Perch”]Thermo-Chicken Perch

Thermo-Chicken Perch

In the winter, chickens will fluff their feathers and roost together to keep warm. While they are fairly resilient and weather the cold well, they can lose a lot of body heat through their feet or become frostbitten. We use the Thermo-Chicken Perch to keep them off the ground, add additional roosting space, and protect their feet from the cold. These perches are 36 inches long, feature dual thermostats for perfect regulation of perch temperature and have a convenient five-foot-long cord.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad”]Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad

Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad

The Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad is one of our most useful tools. Not only can it be used for mandatory heat when starting baby chicks, but it is the perfect temperature for older chickens to prevent ‘pasting’ and ensure they don’t get chilled. Its generously sized and can be easily placed on the floor or mounted on a wall.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Murray’s Best Chicken Coop Controller”]Murray’s Best Chicken Coop Controller

Murray’s Best Chicken Coop Controller

When it comes to protecting our birds from the cold, drafts and predators, we prefer Murray’s Best Chicken Coop Controller. Installed on our own coops, the controller conveniently opens the door at sunrise and closes it at sunset. The controller includes a built-in temperature sensor and will only open the door if the outside temperature is above 20°F. In addition, an integrated light in the controller helps ensures your chickens have up to 16 hours of light per day for increased egg production.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Halogen Brooder Lamp”]Halogen Brooder Lamp

Halogen Brooder Lamp

Heating a coop in the winter is generally not encouraged. However, if you live in an area where temperatures can dip to the extreme — like we have in Iowa, where temps can reach -20°F with even lower windchills — you may need to take the use a heating lamp to take the chill out of the air and protect your flock. A Halogen Brooder Lamp provides thermal efficiency and enables heat diffusion. Be careful to warm the birds only slightly. It is not necessary to make the coop warm, but it is important to take the edge off the extreme cold. Even warming the interior of the coop to zero will help the birds weather the extremes.[/nextpage]

[nextpage title=”Nite Guard”]Nite Guard

Nite Guard

Winter can be a very difficult time for wild animals, and not all predators truly hibernate. Food is scarce and chickens make an easy target when they are hunting for food and hungry, especially at night. Nite Guard is solar-powered and features a flashing, red light that repels night animals naturally. The red light mimics an animal’s eye making predators think it poses a threat. The Nite Guard protects your flock against many nocturnal predators including owls, coyotes, opossum, raccoons, fox, bobcats, mink, weasels and more.[/nextpage]

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