Best Breed Photo

The final results are in for this category of the photo contest.

The Winner

Congratulations to Tracy Anderson who won first place in the contest with her photo of Tubsy, a beautiful Golden Laced Wyandotte from Murray McMurray Hatchery.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy began raising chickens from Murray McMurray back in the 1970s.  She recalls that as a young girl, her parents would receive a phone call from the post office: “your box is peeping.”  Tracy now lives on a small farm and raises horses, donkeys, chickens, and a Scottish Highlander.  Tracy received a $100 coupon for winning first place, and she plans to use the coupon to add to her flock.

Second Place

Cristi Tombari took second place in the Best Breed Photo category with her photo of a Silkie hen named Piper.

Cristi Tombari

Third Place

Wendy Weinacker received third place for her picture of a Partridge Rock hen standing in the snow.

Wendy Weinacker

Thank You

Our 2010 Chicken Photo Contest has now ended.  We thank all of you who participated in this contest, and we look forward to having more poultry-related contests in the 2011.

Do you have ideas, thoughts, or suggestions for upcoming contests?  Leave us a comment here. We would really like to hear from you.