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Should I Feed My Chickens Oyster Shells?

If you have laying hens, we recommend that you give them ground oyster shells. It is best to do this “free choice” by putting the oyster shells in a separate container, so that the hens can take as much as … Continue reading

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Buff Orpingtons

History The original Orpington, a Black Orpington, was developed by William Cook, from the village of Orpington, County of Kent, England in the 1880s. In 1886 he introduced the Black Orpington at the Chrystal Palace Poultry Show, and his pullet … Continue reading

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9 Things to Investigate if Your Hens Aren’t Laying Well

Here is a list of things that affect how well your hens lay eggs, along with suggestions for what you can do to ensure that they lay their best. 1. Lighting Now that Spring is approaching, and the days are … Continue reading

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History Wyandottes were developed in the United States in New York state. They get their name from a Native American tribe known as the Wyandots (or Wendats). The original Wyandotte was the Silver Laced Wynadotte, which was first accepted into … Continue reading

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Book Review: Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

With 40 years of experience raising dozens of different varieties of chickens on her family farm, Gail Damerow has skillfully compiled an easy to read, comprehensive guide for the family desiring to start their own backyard chicken raising experience as … Continue reading

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