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Shipping Chicks in Colder Temperatures

Around the January to February time frame we get several questions asking whether it is a good idea to ship chicks during the colder months.  This is a valid concern as we ship chicks to all parts of the United … Continue reading

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Packing Eggs for Safe Shipping

For most of us, getting eggs home from the market or getting them from the coop to the kitchen can be a daunting task.  The delicate nature of the eggs and the promise that some of us seek from them offers … Continue reading

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Straight to the Source – A Visit to Our Flock Farms

Offering healthy and happy baby chicks doesn’t happen by accident.  In fact, proper care and nutrition to help ensure optimal growth is provided to the source flocks through a dedicated person, years of experience and a genuine enthusiasm about chickens.  … Continue reading

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My First Hatch – What an Experience

As I peered through the window at the eggs I had a flood of emotion overcome me.  The anticipation of the new chick arrival has been burning inside of me since November as I kept hearing from the long time … Continue reading

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