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Chicks of the Trade (show)

I like trade shows.  Trade shows offer you a place to see, feel, smell and experience new products, new ideas and allow you to meet many new people.  Granted, some people would ask, “Why do you need a tradeshow when … Continue reading

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The First Order

I remember walking a trail in one of our recent trips to the Smokey Mountains, Pigeon Forge,Tennessee to be exact.  The promise of our friends and guides, experienced visitors to the area, was a tremendous waterfall nearly a mile and … Continue reading

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Packing Eggs for Safe Shipping

For most of us, getting eggs home from the market or getting them from the coop to the kitchen can be a daunting task.  The delicate nature of the eggs and the promise that some of us seek from them offers … Continue reading

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Straight to the Source – A Visit to Our Flock Farms

Offering healthy and happy baby chicks doesn’t happen by accident.  In fact, proper care and nutrition to help ensure optimal growth is provided to the source flocks through a dedicated person, years of experience and a genuine enthusiasm about chickens.  … Continue reading

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My First Hatch – What an Experience

As I peered through the window at the eggs I had a flood of emotion overcome me.  The anticipation of the new chick arrival has been burning inside of me since November as I kept hearing from the long time … Continue reading

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Everybodys Poultry Magazine

I’m looking for old copies of this magazine. If you have some to share or that I could get copies of, please let me know.   Thanks.

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10 of Our Most Popular Blog Posts from January – June 2011

Here are 10 of our most popular posts and article series from the first half of this year. 1. How to Introduce New Chickens into your Flock (series) Adding new chickens to your existing flock can cause a lot of … Continue reading

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Television Appearance Opportunity for a Duck Farm

Do you have a duck farm? Would you like your duck farm to be featured on Food Network Canada TV with Chef Lynn Crawford?

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Favorite Poultry Articles of 2010

How to Keep Your Chickens Safe, Part 1 and Part 2 by Bud Wood, McMurray Hatchery president.  These posts give some important and useful tips and ideas on how to protect your chickens from predators. The Self-Perpetuating Flock – an … Continue reading

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Which Freezes Faster, Warm Water or Cold?

Several people who read our recent article, Keeping the Chicken Water from Freezing, brought up the question:  “which type of water freezes faster, warm (or hot) water, or cold?”

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