First Place

Beth Kleinsasser won first place with the photo below of chickens on a Fall morning. As first place winner, Beth has won a $100 gift certificate.  The chickens in the photo are Black Stars, Red Stars, and a Rhode Island Red.

Photo by Beth Kleinsasser

Second Place

Emily Green won second place with this photo of an  India Blue Peacock and received as a prize a $50 gift certificate. The photo was taken with a Nikon D200, 210mm lens, f9.0 at 1/40th sec, ISO 400, shot in open shade.

Photo by Emily Green

Emily sent us this description:

Peter was an India Blue Peacock I had been given by a friend when he was about a year old.  I kept him on our property for approximately 3 years before he started to become a nuisance to the neighbors (mating call at 3am and messing on their porch and in their garage) and we had to find him a new home.  I still miss him dearly!

Peafowl are extremely inquisitive.  We have 34 acres of property, but they always wander in the opposite direction – towards the neighbors!  They love to sit on the porch and peer in through the windows to see what you are doing.  Many people believe they can’t fly. They can!  But only for short distances.  They would perch high up in the pine trees at night, and we would frequently hear them running around on the roof.  Peter became ill one time and after taking him to the vet, we had to tube feed him for several weeks and finally nursed him back to full health.

I no longer keep peafowl, due to the problems with neighbors.  I do have 3 Pekin ducks, and 28 chickens, both standard and bantams of different breeds.

Third Place

Ken Hill won third place with his photo of a Turkey. His prize is a $25 gift certificate.

Photo by Ken Hill

All the turkeys had been getting on top of a pen, so Ken just had to wait until one flew down to capture the photo.

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