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History Silkies are a unique breed of chicken, thought to have originated in China or Southeast Asia. The first recorded history of Silkies occurs in Marco Polo’s writings about his travels to Asia in the 13th century, in which he … Continue reading

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What Traits Should I Seek in a Broody Hen?

When selecting a broody hen, you want a hen that will be a good setter and a good mother.  Our Facebook fans helped us come up with these lists of desirable traits and behaviors. A hen with good brooding, or … Continue reading

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Breaking a Hen of Broodiness

Usually, when one of our hens goes broody, we let her continue to set so that she can hatch and raise chicks.  Occasionally, though, a hen will go broody at the wrong time. Maybe we don’t have space for her … Continue reading

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Buff Orpingtons

History The original Orpington, a Black Orpington, was developed by William Cook, from the village of Orpington, County of Kent, England in the 1880s. In 1886 he introduced the Black Orpington at the Chrystal Palace Poultry Show, and his pullet … Continue reading

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History Cochins arrived in England and the United States in 1845. Originally, Cochins were called Chinese Shanghai Fowl, after the district in China where they originated. Later the name was changed to “Cochin China” and finally shortened to “Cochin”. The … Continue reading

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The Self-Perpetuating Flock

Today, I contacted Sally, who is now 80 years old and who has raised chickens off and on her entire life and continuously for the past forty years.  Forty years ago, Sally began with a flock of chickens, most of … Continue reading

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