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How Soon Will My Hens Start to Lay?

Because so many variables are involved, we cannot predict exactly when your chickens will start to lay, but we can give some estimates. Pearl White Leghorns are our earliest layers and can start to lay as early as 4 1/2 … Continue reading

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History Silkies are a unique breed of chicken, thought to have originated in China or Southeast Asia. The first recorded history of Silkies occurs in Marco Polo’s writings about his travels to Asia in the 13th century, in which he … Continue reading

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No Cause for Alarm — It’s Just a Dust Bath

He lays on one side, flopping in the dirt, with one wing slightly outstretched, flicking one leg rapidly up and down. He rolls over onto his back, kicks and writhes in the dirt. At first glance, it may seem like … Continue reading

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Our Best Egg Laying Chickens

Below is a list of our top egg laying chickens. 1. Pearl White Leghorns These are excellent layers of large, white eggs. Pearl White Leghorns are our most prolific layers. They also have an excellent feed conversion ratio, which helps … Continue reading

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Brooding Day Old Chicks

Introduction There are several different ways to begin raising chickens. If you want hens that will begin producing eggs very soon, you can start with started pullets. If you aren’t in as much of a hurry and want to take … Continue reading

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Barred Rocks

History Barred rocks were developed in New England in the 1800s. The Barred Rock entered the standard in 1874. The exact heritage of the Barred Rock is slightly unclear, as several people have claimed credit for developing the breed. Barred … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Peafowl

Peafowl (Peacocks and Peahens) are beautiful poultry, and many people raise them for their beauty. They are native to southeast Asia, including India.  Peafowl have been bred for sale from the time of the Roman Empire.  Although not many in … Continue reading

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What Traits Should I Seek in a Broody Hen?

When selecting a broody hen, you want a hen that will be a good setter and a good mother.  Our Facebook fans helped us come up with these lists of desirable traits and behaviors. A hen with good brooding, or … Continue reading

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How to Care For Your Chickens Through the Winter

For tips and information about how to best care for your chickens through the winter, please see these articles on our blog: Keeping the Chicken Water from Freezing Preparing Your Laying Flock for Winter (Part 1) and Part 2 – … Continue reading

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Winners for the Homesteading Chores, Ideas, and Contraptions Photo Contest

First Place Rhonda Silva won first place with this photo of her duck ramp. As first place winner, Rhonda won a $100 gift certificate. Here is Rhonda’s description of the ramp: Our Rouens needed a larger pool as they grew, … Continue reading

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